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My Almost Empty Spray

Hi everyone,

I’m back with my review on Black Musk fragrance mist from the Body Shop. I used this perfume everyday for work or hangout with my friends. Now, the bottle is almost empty and I’d like to share my thought about this product. 

  • Size : 100 ml
  • Scent : The fragrance is very fresh. It is very strong but lively. I like the smell very much. It is good if I spray this before the meeting as the scent is very calm and it showered energy to people surrounds. 
  • How to Use : It just spray to the whole body. The liquid won’t give the burn effect if I spray to my skin.
  • Packaging : The packaging is very solid as it makes from glass. I usually spray this perfume at home before start my activities. I never bring it everywhere as it is a bit heavy if I put it my make up pouch. The cover is tightly closed, so the liquid won’t split out. However, it will be very challenging it I want to bring this perfume for traveling. The cover is very heard to open and I couldn’t move this to the smaller container.
  • Price : IDR 209,000 (around $25) per bottle

    In my opinion, Black Musk Mist is worth to buy if you like a strong scent but with a fresh feeling. I need the fragrance to refresh my body and definitely changing my mood.

    Thanks for reading.

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