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Review : Sambal Cuk!

Hi everyone,

I want to share my finding on a onion sauce while doing the weekly shopping. I went to Carefur, one of the supermarkets in Jakarta. When I looked at the shelf that specialize on the Indonesian foods, I found Sambal Cuk!. It is the home made chilli sauce and it has many flavors. I was interested to try the onion flavor. 

It is made from the selected ingredients and give the fresh sensational of taste. Usually, the home made seasoning gives the natural taste from the kitchen with less artificial flavor usage. However, the validity period becomes shorter. It is fine with me because it will be healthier.

As stated in the bottle :

Serving Suggestion

  • Stir well before use. The onion sauce will have better taste if we stir separately before mix with the dish.
  • Serve with warm rice. The taste will have more sensation if combining with warm rice. And you can’t stop eating.
  • After you opened the package, it is only lasted for 2 days unless you store it in the fridge.

Indonesia have various tasty foods with very unique seasonings. The tastes themselves usually long lasting. So, chilli sauce will give more taste for any kind of dishes.

Thanks for reading.


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