Day: June 6, 2017

My Daily Lipticks from Catrice

Hi everyone, This time I’d like to share my favourite lipsticks with a natural colour from Catrice. I like this brand because they have numbers of product range that based on different skin tone. The most wonderful thing is so many different types of lipstick offered. So, I […]


My Scents On June

Hi friends, Scents and fragrances are the most important things that should be fulfilled on my daily activity. As I mention in my previous posts, I love any sprays that have the fresh scents to freshen up my day. On this June, these are the bodyspray and perfumes […]

A Quick Lunch in Bangkok

Hi All, I am back again with my culinary experience while I visited Bangkok, Thailand. Bangkok is the busy city with lots of business happening. The traffic jam was also happened like in Jakarta and of course with a polution. The reason why I chose to visit Bangkok […]

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