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A Quick Lunch in Bangkok

Hi All,

I am back again with my culinary experience while I visited Bangkok, Thailand. Bangkok is the busy city with lots of business happening. The traffic jam was also happened like in Jakarta and of course with a polution. The reason why I chose to visit Bangkok was the culture. The culture is very strong in this city. It can be seen from the palace, temples and other historical building. I love histories and also the unique style of monument / building. 

One day I visited MBK center in Bangkok city. It is a large shopping center in Bangkok that opened in 1985. It has around 2,000 shops, restaurants and outlets. I came to this place, because they sell products with the best prices and good quality. Its cheaper than the premium malls.

Actually, I was confused what should I have for lunch in MBK center. I hardly ask to the person surround but most of them can only speak their local language. Then, my cousin and I walked through the malls and found the neat restaurant on the ground floor. It calls Jin – Emon. It is a Japanesse style spaghetti restaurant. I was curious with this restaurant and interested to try.

I had some garlic bread as an appetizer. The taste was great. The garlic has well – blended with the bread and the bread was so soft. As an appetizer, this bundle won’t make us full.

I had spaghetti for my main course and ended with a cup of green tea. Actually, I forgot the name of the spaghetti but as I remembered that the foods served in this restaurant were in perfect portion and in a perfect taste.

It always some challenges when we find the place to eat. But there was a way to speak to the person by our own languages and get the result.

Thanks for reading.



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