My Daily Lipticks from Catrice

Hi everyone,

This time I’d like to share my favourite lipsticks with a natural colour from Catrice. I like this brand because they have numbers of product range that based on different skin tone. The most wonderful thing is so many different types of lipstick offered. So, I can choose the lipstick based on what colour do I want to and what kind of effect do I really need.

There are two types of lipsticks from Catrice that I want to review on. These kinds of lipsticks are very recommended for a summer use as the colour are very soft and not bright at all. It gives the calm effect and a low profile feeling. I use to apply in when I have most of my activations in the office and also when I meet up with friends in the cafe in the aftenoon. 

Ultimate Stay (No. 20)

The colour is a combination between maroon, burgundy and brown colours. So, it comes up with a very natural lip colour. There is a bit of glitter effect after application. If you need a very matte colour, it is not the best lipstick that you can apply on. It is good for a day use.

The packaging is very simple and ellegant with a dove black colour with no brand stated in the package.

Ultimate Colour (No. 020 – Maroon)

Oh I really love this colour. Its light pink colour with a few glitter in it. It is very natural outlook and it is good lipstick for a day time use. And it has a very natural colour to enjoy such a weekend in the park or in the cafe.

TIPS : If you have the thick lips, it is better to apply a very thin of layer to avoid the greater lips effect. But, if you have a thin lips with a pale skin tone, this colour might be the best for you.

Whatever the colour you choose, the beauty will come out from the inner beauty instead.

Thanks for reading.

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