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My Scents On June

Hi friends,

Scents and fragrances are the most important things that should be fulfilled on my daily activity. As I mention in my previous posts, I love any sprays that have the fresh scents to freshen up my day.

On this June, these are the bodyspray and perfumes that I always never forget to put them in my bag.

  • Impulse Perfume in a Spray (Love Story Scent). I have a review for this spray in here. The scent is too strong in a second after I spray it. But after a minute, my skin feel so fresh and the scent will be calm and energize. I used to spray it in the morning, after taking a shower and before start my activity. I used to give the distance while spray to my body because my skin will a bit sore if I spray too close to my skin.

    • Elizabeth Arden Eau de Toilette Sray (Green Tea Lavender Scent). I also have this review on this button. I really love the scent as it is very fresh and it is good as the morning scent. Because my skin is very sensitive, I always spray this perfume in my clothes instead of my skin in avoiding the burning effect. 

    • Elizabeth Arden Eau de Toilette Sray (Sunflowers Scent). This perfume is packaged in the very ellegant transparant glass bottle of 50 ml. The perfume has a very rich scent and it is so girly. This is good for afternoon usage instead of morning usage. Why? Because the scent gives the settle feeling not a “start the day” feeling. It is very calm and mature.

      I really depend on these fragrances to finish my morning preparation and to refresh my day.

      Thanks for watching.

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