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Hobart City at Night

I was about curious about the night life in Hobart, Australia. Honestly, at the first night my friend and I shocked because most of the restaurants were closed at night. We stayed in the hotel in CBD and we thought that we were easy to find the restaurant to have dinner. Believe it or not, we had to walk about 45 minutes just to find the opened resraurant. And we’ve made it. We walked through the Salamanca area and there were small bars and a Vietnamesse restaurant were opened. The building were so beautiful at night with combination of colours.

We were so happy to find a restaurant after a long walk without knowing exactly which restaurant were still open at 11 PM. There was a Vietnamesse restaurant that sell a homemade style of dishes. I ordered a fried chicken, a cup of coffee and a bottle of water. The waitresses were so kind to us and made us feel acceptable in this place.

After we had dinner, we walked back to the hotel through the small park beside car park. It was a very beautiful park with some lights that emit the beauty of the park surround.

It was a very quite city but it was very safe. We didn’t worry to much eventhough we had to walked through the empty road at night or in the morning. Our tour leader said to me that the crime level in Hobart was very low because most of the residents were retired.

There was a very beautiful park in the city area called St David’s Park, which was located on the site of St David cemetery. This park was very near to Salamanca place. If you stand in front of the entrance gate of the salamanca market, you will find the entrance gate of this park. 

This was very big park and it was the short cut if we wanted to go to the Vietnamesse restaurant. It was very dark at night for walking through at night but it was very safe. There were many cemeteries inside the park with beautiful creatures. It was very antique styles.

On the second night, we walked around the city to Victoria Dock to have fish and chips for our dinner. While we walked, we enjoy the classic style building design. Is it the British design style?

We searched the popular fish and chips restaurant in Hobart. It was stated Flippers in the Victoria Dock. It was a food truck style of stand. It was very unique as they didn’t provide any chairs for their visitors but used the permanent benches in the area. I felt like I was in the market but I wasn’t. There were also some cafes around Flippers but many people came to Flippers instead.

We were keep walking after had quick dinner. It was still a quite area but few people had some fresh air. So, it wasn’t so quite though. I want to share some memorable pictures to you, and you may take a note which objects that you prefer to take a photoshoot someday.

The Building Reflection

I love this reflection. I had this view from the Victoria Dock. 

Unique Statue in Victoria Dock

City View

Vintage Style of Building

Victoria Dock

This city has lots of beauty within. It was expressed through the building design, vintage style of the environment, historical creatures and statues and others. I couldn’t ask for more. This was just great!

Thanks for reading.

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