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What is the Best Hour for Transit in Bali?

Bali is the most favourite tourism city to visit in Indonesia. There are some other destinations though, but still Bali place in the top of mind of most people. Some people think that Indonesia is Bali. Oh well …..

In my first thought, Bali is popular among many countries and they have the International airport. So, it will be operated for 24 hours, especially the executive lounges. Then, I decided to transit in Bali when I travelled to Perth, Australia. It would be efficient and effective in terms of budget and time. I arrived in Bali at around 12 AM and have my next flight at 8 AM in the next morning. I tried to find the 24 hour cafes or restaurants or executive lounges to stretch my body but all of them were CLOSED! I just realised that all of them that include the immigration desk were closed at night and will open again at 5 AM. 

So, I had permission to the closed-cafe for resting until they open. They were welcomed me very well. There were also groups of people did the same thing. 

Based on my experience, there are some tips before you decide to transit in Bali.

  • If you arrive in Ngurah Rai International Airport after 11 PM and have the next flight in the morning, you better book the hotel around the airport to have better rest. But, if you decide to wait in the international airport, there are some seats in the cafes outside the immigration desk. All of them are closed at night though but they are pleased you to seat there while they are doing the preparation.
  • If your next flight required you to go to Domestic terminal from the International terminal, it will be better if you just wait in the International terminal. Why? Because in Domestic terminal, there is only a mini market as a choice to wait there while having some foods. Otherwise, you may seat in the benches outside the terminal door. It is not convenience. In International terminal, there is a 24 hour mini market. So, you can have foods and drinks there while waiting.
  • There will be a long hallway to go to International terminal from domestic terminal. You better check the signage because there will be a way to Novotel Hotel along the way.
  • If you decide to transit in Ngurah Rai International Airport, it is better if the next flight is not jumping to the next day. So, you still can wait inside the terminal. Or you may take the next flight in the afternoon on the next day. So, you still can enjoy the beauty of Bali before you go.

    When I went back to Jakarta from Perth, I decided to stayed in Novotel for 8 hours of transit time. I was just too tired and need the comfort bed to rest.

      Hopefully, this information help you to arrange your flight. Just do the itinerary and enjoy your traveling.

      Thanks for reading.

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