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What to do before you Travel

Hi everyone, 

As I mentioned earlier, I really love to travel. I am addicted to it. I love to explore some new things and find the unique ones and get the peaceful feeling in a beautiful scenery. Usually, about one year before traveling, I prepare a lot of stuff in order to do some savings. What are they? I’ll share what things to do before traveling in my version.

  • Always be updated with the airlines promotion ticket. During the sales promotion, you’ll get the very best price. Believe it or not, I ever had $0 for airlines ticket from Jakarta – Singapore. I also had good prices of ticket Sydney – Kuala Lumpur for only $99 and IDR 1,040,000 (around $100) from Kuala Lumpur – Melbourne. Is it the good bargain right?
  • Buy a traveling book that have a detail information about the city of destination. Read through the book and take some notes or highlight the important points about the places that you want to visit and also about other information that you will be considered, such as local transportation, food & beverages, recomended restaurants, etc.
  • Search the information from the Internet about people experiences and their recommended guidances. Usually, I search from or googling by put the sentence of “things to do in ……. “
  • Download the map of city, suburb areas and public transportation and explore the area in advance. Usually, the hotel or airport provide the map but it will be better if you already have the map downloaded. This is to avoid the confusion if the different language is being existed.

  • Check the weather of the city of destination before you book the ticket. It is also very useful because you can prepare the clothes that match with the weather.
  • Check the public holiday in the targeted destination. This is based on my experience in Perth. I just thought that there would be a long holiday so I can take longer holiday in Perth. I forgot there is a public holiday, Easter Break, which means that most shops were closed and public transportations were not operated. So, it will be better if we take a note whether the public holiday is only celebrated in your country or Internationally.
  • Prepare the travel itinerary. Usually, I put all budget related with daily expenses (F&B, public transportation and phone provider), entrance fee for the tourist attraction, local tour (if needed), contingency budget, airport tax, hotel deposit and gift’ budget.
  • Check the room rate from Agoda, or Airbnb. The advance you book, the rate will be cheaper.

  • Check the public transport access card. In different city will use different card and definitely different rate. And also explore the place that we can buy those cards.

      I used to do these steps everytime I travel. It will make my traveling time more effective and efficient. 

      Thanks for reading.


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