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Enjoy the green and Let the things OFF

Hi friends,

A garden is one of my favourite places to refresh my mind and have a me-time. A combination of green and blue colours will do for me, which are grass and a sky. Reading, put my steps in the path walk or just enjoy my seats are my preferred activities for about 2 hours in the garden. After I decided to do blogging, I used to take some photos and videos from different angles for my documentation and I found these are fun things to do! I love it so much …..

When I went to Sovereign Hill, Ballarat, Victoria, I passed a very beautiful garden. I didn’t notice the name of the garden though. This garden was very organized and tidy with some of statues that can be used as a pathway signage while walking around the garden. I stopped there for about 1 hour. Actually, this was not a big garden but it was very pretty. 

I could see that all flowers in the garden thrives and the grass cut well. There was also the green house in the middle of the garden but I didn’t go inside though. I was wasting my time just to amaze with the beauty of my surround area. The path way was also very clean with no dirts that I could found any. I need this kind of area to clear my mind and refill with the new fresh ones. 

There was an elongated fish pond along the garden. The water was also very clean and it seems that the bright colour fish was healthy and very happy to be there. 

There were numbers of statue that have stories behind. And each statue was urrounded by blooming flowers. I feel so fresh and happy being in this place. 

My eyes were being distracted with the pond accross the beautiful garden. This was a beautiful garden with beautiful scenery. Ah I love this place so much! In this area, there were a small house that provide public toilets. 

The areas with green and blue colours were never fail for me. I always need this area for my relaxation time. 

What kind of area do you need the most when you are tired ?

Thanks for reading


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