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Review : Vaseline Body Lotion

Hi friends,

In this post, I will share about my almost empty of skincare bottle. I always put body lotion in my body skin especially after shower while the skin is damp. I feel that the damp skin can easily absorb the applied lotion. Then, my skin is very moisturize after a second of the application.

I love Vaseline body lotion (Cocoa Radiant) with a chocolate bottle. I use this lotion for years and I love it too much! I have a very sensitive skin and I have to selective in choosing the right skincare for my treatment, including the body lotion. 

This type of Vaseline body lotion contains pure cocoa butter. It is a bit condensed and creamy. The smell is like a combination of mocca, chocolate and cream. Honestly, it is very yummy! 

In the bottle, it states “restore a natural glow to dry skin”. I never check the validity of natural glow but I always feel my skin very moisturized since I apply in the morning until the next shower at night, which is about more than 12 hours application. And I think this lotion is good for the sensitive skin. 

This bottle is almost empty, and I decided to try another brand of body lotion. I will review it after I use it.

What is your favourite body lotion? 

Thanks for reading.


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