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The Natural Medicine for Healthy Body

Hi friends,

A weather and a polution are the most factors that can change the body health, especially for me. My body easily get dropped everytime the weather changed, I get too much polution, and too much to think about. The first sign that tell me if my body gets into low condition is a high fever, a sore throat or acid rises. However, I am not typical person, who easily take medicine to cure my sickness. I prefer to do in a natural way and supply the natural medicine.

In this blog post, I want to share to you what the things I used to do or eat / drink when my body get dropped.

Sleep or Have a Deep Rest

Sleep or just take a rest for a day without thinking anything that can exhaust your brain will be the best thing to do to re energize the body. Sometimes, having heavy mind can accelerate the health condition, especially if the body is already in low condition. So, we really need the time for resting the body and it will refresh the condition faster.

Take One Day Off

I used to do this after traveling. If I have 6 days holiday, it means that I travel for 5 days and 1 day for recharging my body to start next regular activities. During a holiday period, I always feel happy and I never realize that the body was getting tired and need some rest. I will felt that after the holiday is over. And also, if I had a holiday in the country with time differences, I still need to adapt my body to the current time. 

A Cup of Hot Tea

I love to have a cup of green tea or jasmine tea to make my body get warmed. And when I have a sore throat, I used to drink this more than 5 glasses per day. And I can feel my throat gets warmth and gets more relax. I never put any sugars everytime I drink a hot tea as well. 

A hot tea with no sugar also very useful if I have a toothache. Just chew it in my mouth and make sure that the sick part has incured by the hot tea. Usually my toothache gets better. A hot tea can be used as a pain killer at least for 2 hours.

A Cream Corn Soup

I love the hot cream corn soup. It is very creamy and very thick. It is like I am eating a baby porridge. If the stomache gets sensitive, I used to have a clear soup instead of the creamy one.

Those are my natural supplements everytime I feel my body condition gets low. How about your way ?

Thanks for reading.


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