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Glowing with only CC Cream

Hi everyone !

How to make the skin face glow with only one easy step? I tried too many skin treatment to make my skin glow and bright. I used mask, scrub, lotion and other skin treatment that claimed can make the skin glow. Actually, the result didn’t meet my expectation. Or I expected too much! Haha …

Then, I tried the CC Intense Cover Cushion from the Face Shop. It is the skincare and makeup store from Korea. I, personally, love this brand because I think the effects to my skin meet my expectation and fast. 

My first impression about the CC Intense Cover Cushion was the unique packaging. It has 2 levels. The first level is the cushion and the second one is the pouch. It is tidy enough because it doesn’t mix up between the pouch and the cushion. And the packaging itself is solid enough and I don’t have to worry it will broken if I drop it. This CC cream contains SPF 50+. So it keep my skin perfectly. There are two types of the cream that can be used, which are high coerage & brightening and moisture coverage & glow finish. I used to apply the high coverage one as the texture itself is so light and it didn’t make my skin iritate.

The application is very easy. I just have to apply this CC cream in a thin layer after put my serum on. I don’t have to put the moisturiser if using this CC cream. I left the CC cream in my face for about 30 second to 1 minutes until te skin absorb the cream. After a minute, I use the compact powder to set up my make up. 

The result is so lovely! It gives the light effect and very natural. It also gives the glow finish. It last for a day. I love it so much! So, if I want to wear a light makeup and choosing the bright lipstick, I used this CC cream as my power tool. 

Please share about yours.

Thanks for reading.

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