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Review : Revitalizing Cream The Faceshop

Hi everyone !!!!

I just tried this sample of the revitalizing cream from the Faceshop. I haven’t try this before and this is my first time to use this as a day moisturizer. After I clean my face with cleansing cream and put my toner on then I continue to apply Signature from the Faceshop. My skin get ready for accepting next application. I applied a thin layer of the revitalizing cream from the Faceshop. The cream texture is a bit thick and I need to put extra efforts while applying. But after applying foundation and compact powder, this revitalizing cream blended perfectly. And it gave the glowing finish as the result.

It didn’t give a heavy feeling in my skin face. I like to apply this revitalizing cream for my daily use. Eventhough, the sales person told me that this cream can be used anytime, at night or in the morning. 

Hopefully, this information useful for you.

Thanks for reading.

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