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Getting Full in Pho 24 Restaurant

Hi everyone …..

Now, I’d like share my review of the restaurant that I visited last weekend. Pho 24. It is a Vietnamesse restaurant. This restaurant has so many branches in Jakarta. So, it won’t be difficult to find it. I visited Pho 24 in Lotte Avenue. I like the places as it was not too crowded and the service also very nice and fast enough in delivering the food. That’s the important one! Haha …. 

The environment was very cozy with a not too much lighting. My friend and I enjoyed have dinner in this restaurant. There were many families eating there and also few groups of friends.

The main reason we choose this restaurant was there were seats available. And I need rice for my dinner too. 

I had grilled chicken on rice for my dinner. The portion was great and proper enough for my stomach. The chicken was served in a fillet form and it was well cooked. The spices were also blended well into the fillet. The package includes rice, soup, salad and a chilli oil. Oh my God, this dinner was so perfect for me!

For the drink, I ordered a glass of hot ginger tea. Ginger was good when I feel my acid rise. I felt that and it was getting better after I drink this.

As an Asian, rice is really important for any kind of dishes. It calls a food when it is served with rice. I hope my review is helpful for you.

Thanks for reading.


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