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Lips Treatment by The Face Shop

Hello again,

As you know that the meaning of the skin treatment is the treatment for all skin from top to bottom. On my previous posts, I mostly reviewed the skin face treatment from daily until weekly. However, I never forget about lips treatment. Same as the skin face treatment, I put my care on it everyday and every week. I do masking and moisturizing everyday, and scrubbing every week. I do that because I have to give extra treatment on my lips to avoid the dryness as the effect of putting too many varieties of lipstick everyday. 

In Indonesia, many brands don’t have the full series of lips treatment. They do have lips balm, lips gloss and lips scrub. Actually, I need the full series of the lips treatment. 

In this post, I’d like to share my invention of the full series of lips treatment from The Face Shop. I was amazed that they have the ranges of lips treatment from scrub, lips balm and lips mask. I tried that and I love the result. 

What are they?

Lip Treatment

The amazing thing about thing about this product is it can be applied as a lip balm before I use the lipstick and I can also put it as a night mask. If I apply it as a lip balm, it can blend well with the lipstick and make the lipstick won’t messy in hours. If I need to touch up my lipstick, I can apply it that aims to recolouring the lipstick not to repair the lipstick colour. 

As the mask, it can soften and moisturise my lips in the morning, after using it as a night mask. This is good because the lips is already being moisturized before applying any kind of lipstick. I use to apply it everyday as a lip balm and as a mask.

This lip balm is sticky. So, if you touch this, it will stick in your hand everywhere.

Lip Scrub

For the weekly treatment, I use to scrub my lips after take my lipstick off with Lip Scrub from The Face Shop. It contains shea butter. It is a soft scrub and it won’t scratch my lips. After scrub, my lips is very moisturized and chewy.

I won’t forget to apply the lips treatment. This is only small section in my face but it is very important to treated. 

This is my review on Lip Scrub from The Face Shop. Hopefully, it is informative enough for you.

Thanks for reading.

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