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Keep Clean and Sanitizes by Carex

Hi! It’s me again …

In this post, I want to talk about the cleanliness, healthy and also the freshness. As I mentioned in my previous post that I am addicted to anything but spray and something fresh. I always feel dirt after touching something improper. And I am lazy to go to toilet just to wash my hand and go back to my desk. So, I prefer to use the hand sanitizer instead. I do use hand sanitizers from Bath & Body works and Palmolive as I review in this link. I use them as a hand sanitizer and also as a perfume! 

This is my first time trying the hand sanitizer from Carex. It stated in the bottle that it is a refreshing aroma hand gel and it can kill bacteria 99%. I interested to try this with the reason of the smell. It is really good and so fresh, which is grapefruit and lime scent. It makes my palm feel fresh straight away and cleaned. But I couldn’t use this as a perfume replacement though. It is fresh but it still smell good as a hand sanitizer not as a perfume. 

The gel is wet like a water and it absorbs well after using. And it is not sticky as well. So, I feel like I clean my hand with water. 

Everytime I go, I won’t forget to bring any brands of hand sanitizer to make my life easier and sanitized. 

Do you prefer to use the hand sanitizer or clean it with water ?

Thanks for reading.


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