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Rest the Foot Conveniently

Hi all,

What will you do to give your foot relaxation after wearing high heels for more than 8 hours or do a busy walking during the day?

Sometimes, we don’t realise that our non stop activities can tiring our foot especially soles of the feet. It holds back our body weight whether we don’t do anything or during activities. We just feel stiff in the foot or cramps and put the balm for a remedy.

It really don’t like if cramps has occured out of sudden, especially when I am driving. It is very annoying. What I usually do every night to pampered my foot?

  • Clean my foot with face toner. It can clean the foot until its pores.
  • Wash foot with warm water and massage them until my foot feel relax.
  • Scrub the foot with the specialized scrub. It can make the foot feel fresh and very clean.
  • Put the lotion. I use my daily body lotion from Palmer’s that I had review in this link or Vaseline Body Lotion, you can see the review in here. Or sometimes I use the foot lotion. All lotions can make my skin foot well-moisturized.

After all of those, I always use slippers at home. Why? It is not only to protect my foot from dirt but it can relax my foot with supporting by padded bottom. By supporting with the convenient footwear at home, my foot muscle becomes relax and stretch. It can release any tenses in my foot. And my foot will supple in the next morning and ready for next activities.

Thanks for reading. See you in my next post 😊.

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