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Review: Facial Cleansing Brush – Modelsprefer


I’m back again with my review on facial cleansing brush that I used everyday from Modelsprefer. Previously, I use hand or a non-electric brush to clean my face. It was OK but I need more effective tools to clean my face until its pores. When I went to Perth, Australia, I found the electric facial cleansing brush from Modelsprefer in Priceline. It is a 360 degree rotational brush with dual speed that is able to clean the dirts in my pores. I like this kind of brush because my face look brighter and more fresh after usage.

What is the box consist of?

  • Storage Stand: It can make the cleansing process easier. I can put the brush in this stand while doing massage in between the cleansing process.
  • Cleaning & Clearing Brush: This brush is for oily combination skin and I use this brush twice a day with a slower machine mode.
  • Silicon Cleansing Brush: It is for the sensitive skin. I usually use this kind of skin after I do my face peeling every week. This is to avoid the skin iritation after usage.

  • Skin Refreshing Brush: I love this brush so much for exfoliation ritual every week with Exfoliating Facial Scrub from Palmer’s. This brush is so soft, eventhough it has sharp brushes. I use slower speen while exfoliating and I feel my skin are being renewed and fresh

This brush is operated by 2xAA batteries. So, it will be safe if it is used in the bathroom.

Now, I am addicted to this brush as I can get my glowing face after cleansing with it. 

Thanks for reading.


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