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Slimmer Face Shape = Best Countour

Hi all,… 

As we all know that woman is always a woman. Anything to have the best of performance is one of woman natures. I, as a woman, want to have the slim face with the best shape and fresh look everyday. I’ll build better mood if I perform well in every moment. However, I prefer to rely on makeup or skincare rather than a cosmetic surgery though. 

I searched many brands that have the countouring kits. There are lots of brand that sell countouring kits with several colour that depends on the part  of the face that people want to hide. Then, I was confused because I wanted them all. Those colours were great and it’d be great if I could apply in my face to have a thin face.

Why countour? 

  • It can helps you to shape your face based on your expectation.
  • It helps you to look thinner (in face) without any workouts.
  • It can sharpen every part of the face and also make the improvement as required.

    Which parts of face that I use to contour for daily activities:

    • My Nose: I put the dark chocolate contour in my nasal bone from top to bottom slightly. I never put it in thick colour as it will make my nose look artificial.
    • My Temple: I also put the dark chocolate shade in my temple to make my face look more oval. I like this shape because it will make me easier for makeup application.
    • My Cheekbones: I put the darker shade from ear to almost tip of lips in one line. And blend it with my finger or beauty blender. This contour can make my face look tapered.
    • My Jaw Line: I put the same shade to define my face. I love this contour part as it can shape my whole face after blend it.
    • My Under Eye: It can make my eyes more fresh and awake by applying the lighter shade colour.

    After search lots of brands, I chose the contouring kit from Make Over. There are two colours, which are the colours that I need. Those are dark chocolate for my temple, nose, cheekbones and jawline AND cream colour for my under eye. The contour is perfectly blend with my bb cream and compact powder with natural result. I only apply a thin colour for a thick result. I also love the packaging as it provides the applicator in bottom level of the contour. It make my life so simple.

    I really love to experiment with makeup and I am happy with the result. Please share your experience with contouring.

    Thanks for reading.

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