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Smell Good as a Kid ?

Hi guys!

Now, I’ll share to you about the brand that owned by kids and I like to use it. It’s Cusson Kids Cologne. I know that this is for kids or babies but I love the smell. This spray is originally for hair and body but I use it as a body spray. After I spray this to my body, I feel so fresh and the scent is very sweet like a fruit. It is so yummy!!!! I use the pink colour for my daily use and nobody notice that this is a baby smell. Hmmm, I can tell that the smell like a soap. 

The liquid is also soft and it doesn’t make my skin iritate. I think it has the moisturizer in it because I can feel my skin become so sleek and moisturized. 

So, everytime I run out the perfume or bodyspray that I always use, I just go to the grocery store and buy this. 

Thanks for reading.

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