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Goodbye Fine Lines by Palmer’s

Hi all,

The topic about skincare will always give the interest point for me to explore more and having more experiences on the specific brand based on my needs. Skincare itself has segmented into categories and they have different ingredients based on the age, lifestyle, or for the specific treatment. I have tried various brands of skincare that contain the “non-heavy” ingredients or the natural ingredients as my facial skin is super sensitive. So, I have to super selective in choosing the right skincare for my daily use.

My daily skincare that I rely on for everyday use are:

  • Rice Water Bright Cleansing Cream by The Face Shop and Garnier Dew Toner. I already have the review on this brand, you can check in in this Link. I use these two cleansers day and night. And I feel my face clean enough for further skin treatment.
  • Facial Cleansing Oil by Palmer’s. I love this cleansing oil too much. I applied this in a circular motion in my face without water at first. I used to massage my skin for about 2-3 minutes while applying. After I spread this oil in all over my face, I splash the water and continue cleansing. I also put a bit description about product in this Link. I will have the detail review in my next posts.
  • The Signature – Skin Conditioning Serum from The Face Shop. I love this serum so much and I regularly use this as a makeup based before I apply BB cream or moisturizer in my facial skin. And I also apply this at night before the night cream application. I leave about 1 minute after application and let the serum absorb into my skin. This serum make my skin so smooth and it can blend well with any kind of makeup. The best thing about this serum besides the great effect is I can finish the serum for up to 6 months. I also have the review about The Signature in this Link.
  • The BB Cream – Magic Cover from The Face Shop. I haven’t review this product yet, but I will review it. This is the best BB Cream that I ever used. It gives the best coverage and applicable by using beauty blender or foundation brush. It contains SPF 20, so it can protect my skin from the sun heat.
  • Anti Aging Formula (Eye Cream) – The Therapy from The Face Shop. I use to apply this cream under my eye at night before starting my night treatment routine. I just put the cream in a small amount to avoid the black effect occurrence under my eyes. I put my review about this product in this Link.
  • Vitamin E Nourishing Night Cream from The Body Shop. I put this review in this Link. I put this cream after I apply The Signature serum. It can moisturize my facial skin perfectly and I can get the smooth skin in the morning.

Those skincare are the important things for my daily treatment that I never forget event-though I have a very busy day. Now, I add one more product as my daily skincare treatment. It is a Perfecting Facial Oil from Palmer’s. It contains a Vitamin E, 9 pure oils plus retinol, resveratrol and Vitamin C. It also able to helps in reducing the appearance of fine lines. The detail of the ingredients as stated in the back of the box:

  • Cocoa Butter: Protective plant extract.
  • Retinol: Gentle acid for increased cell turnover.
  • Resveratrol: Free radical neutralizing antioxidant.
  • Vitamin C: Brightens complexion and tone.
  • Vitamin E: Helps prevent cell oxidation.

I use this product at night as a replacement of The Signature serum. So, The Signature serum will stay as a day treatment and the Palmer’s Perfecting Facial Oil as a night treatment. After I clean my facial skin with the cleanser and toner, I put 3 to 4 drops to my face and neck in a circular motion. I use to do massage while applying. It suppose to follow with moisturizer or night cream. But, I prefer just to put this oil for my night treatment as it is so oil, and it will feel awkward if blend it with the cream.

What is the result in the next morning after application? My facial skin is well-moisturized and chewy. It also has the glowing effect

I like the packaging as well. It is packaged in a 30 ml size of bottle made from a glass and it is covered by pipette for taking the oil. So, it will make the user more economist while using this.

I know that I become addicted to this brand for my skincare. The brand doesn’t contain the heavy ingredients and acceptable for my skin.

See you on my next post. Thanks for reading.


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