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Review: Maybelline Eye & Lip Makeup Remover

Hi all,

In this post, I’d like to talk about my almost finish eye & lip makeup remover. During my cleansing routine, I won’t forget to clean up my eye makeup and lipstick with the special cleanser. About years ago, I used my facial cleanser to erase all makeup in my face. But, I realized that the lips and eye have different sensitivities. And also it needs the moisturizer as well.


I use the Clean Express Total Clean from Maybelline New York for years to clean my eye makeup and lipstick. I like this cleanser because it can erase the waterproof makeup. So, I don’t have to erase the waterproof makeup repeatedly and it also will have less possibility to scratched. I will review this lovely product based on my experience.

  • Why I use the eye and lip makeup remover? In the daily cleansing routines, all parts of the face should be well-cleaned by using the specific cleansing oil or cream based on the part of the face that need to be cleaned. There will be different types of cleansing formula that needed for each part of the face because cleansing means to erase all makeup as well as to give the vitamin and moisturizer during cleansing.
  • Why I choose Clean Express Total Clean from Maybelline New York to clean my eye & lip makeup? For me, the hardest thing to be erased is EYELINER. It is the challenge for me everytime I try to clean the eyeliner. It will give the scratched effect, especially around my eyes, because some of the lines locates inside of the eyelids. But with Clean Express Total Clean from Maybelline Newyork, I can erase the eyeliner very easy without 100% effort. And also it can erase the waterproof makeup with 1-2 sweep with cleansing cotton. I use this cleanser only for eye and lip makeup. 
  • What are the effect after using the Clean Express Total Clean from Maybelline New York? My eye and lip makeup easily removed without any residuals. Beside that, I feel that my eyes and lips are very moisturized and have oily effect.
  • What are the ingredients? Powerful Bi-Phase formula to remove long lasting and waterproof makeup. It also leave the skin very soft and Fast Acting Dissolving Agents.
  • Do I like the packaging? In terms of the packaging size, I love it. It is small and simple and it is a perfect size of packaging for traveling. But, personally, I don’t like the plastic material that used for a bottle. It will leave the oily effect after using the cleanser. I know that it doesn’t make any sense about the relation between the cleansing ingredients and the packaging material. I prefer glass material is used as it is more solid form and also durable.
  • How to use it? Shake the bottle before use to mix the contents evenly. Drop few amounts of the cleanser in the facial cotton then sweep the part that I want to clean.
  • Where can I find it? Most of the groceries store have this cleanser or I can find it in the pharmacist or in Maybelline booth.

The main reason of the cleansing is to get the healthy skin back before starting the skin treatment. 

Hope it helps. Thanks for reading.



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