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Goodbye Acne by POND’S


Hi all,

We, as a woman, will get annoyed if pimples or acne occurred in the face without any permission. It will be very annoying because it will interfere the beauty of our face. And we need some ointment that can relieve those pimples in a second. But, this is not an easy thing to do. We have to know the matched lotion to make this works well.

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Before we talk about the ointment for acne, I will raise the theme about why acne occurred without any sign in advance? There are some reasons that I find out based on my experience.

  • A non-regular base to clean the face. When we arrive at home after facing lots of activities at work or university, sometimes, we just tired of washing our face or do the night treatment. Whereas, the dirt was piled up in the face and need to be cleaned up and make some refreshment. The dirt can come from the pollution, makeup and other things that stick on the face. We need to clean the face regularly i the morning and at night after activities. It can make the face perfectly clean and the pimple won’t occur easily.
  • Allergic to specific makeup, medicine, skincare or food. Usually, we never realize that we are allergic to something on the beginning stage of the treatment. For some people, they face the allergic effect straight away after usage but lots of people have to wait for more than a month to get the effect. Therefore, while choosing any kind of treatment (beauty & healthy) or event foods that we want to consume, we have to confident enough about the ingredients, the product experiment and the expiry date.
  • The hyperactive hand. What does it mean by this? Sometimes, when we feel the uneven skin, our hands will actively touch the pointed parts every minutes. This activities will make the pimple or acne occur faster than the regular occurrence. And sometimes, it can leave the mark. So, if you feel the uneven skin, don’t touch them but apply the ointment that is specialized for acne instead.
  • During the menstrual period. Usually, pimples or acne come just before the period or it can be called a “premenstrual acne”. Why does it happen? It’s because women hormones are active before the period. Usually, I didn’t do anything if the pimples come out during this period. I just put some ointment and I won’t touch them. It will be gone after the period.


Those 4 reasons are the common reason that are happened to me. Previously, I have reviewed the brand that I used to move my acne away from my face, which is Acnes. You can read my review of Acnes by click here. However, I am not the type of people who stick on one brand to demolish the acne. I will try for another brand with the reason of faster relieve or the closer place to buy the ointment. There are two products from POND’S in range of complete solution category that work well for me.

Overnight Pimple Care Gel


Pond’s Complete Solution Overnight Pimple Care is in the form of gel and I can get the cool sensation after applying in the acne area. It contains Aloe Vera and Salicylic Acid that can helps to maintain the redness in the skin and inflammation affected by pimples. It can also able to reduce and dry the pimples. I love this gel because of the cool effect and also it can dry my pimples fast. It works during the night as the night treatment.

The packaging is safe enough because I have to scroll the bottle cover and pump it to push the gel out. I put a small amount of gel in my finger and rub softly in the pimples area. I apply this before sleep at night and I love the result. My pimple will dry faster than my expectation.

Pimple Cover & Care Concealer Pen


This product is very unique. Firstly, I was amazed about this concealer. It is a bit not make sense when I though about how the concealer can relieve pimples. But after I apply it, it APPROVED! I apply this concealer under my makeup to cover my pimples. However, I have to wait about 1 minutes after applying then continue with the powder. It can make the concealer blend enough with the powder. It also able to relieve the redness and my the pimples becomes dry. But, you have to check after 4 – 5 hours application whether the concealer still stick on the face perfectly or agglomerate  and need to do touch up.

The packaging is so simple. I can put in my makeup pouch.

My tips is don’t panic when you have acne or pimples. Just stay relax, and clean your face regularly. Select the perfect ointment that suitable to your skin and rub it into the pimples area.

See you in my next post. Thanks for reading


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