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Review – Orange Feel So Good

Hi everyone,

The comfort ambience or a convenience environment can create the best mood for most people and also can boost the concentration. That’s my opinion. I have some experiences in getting my mood back by sitting in the chosen comfort places for hours or finishing my tasks in only 2 hours. I used to chose cafes as my comfort places. I know that not all cafes can deliver the best ambience, and some cafes are also can create the demotivation instead. I’ll share my tips in chosing the best cafe to support you in finishing the task in a click or to get the good mood back.

What are they?

  • A Semi Private Cafe – It doesn’t mean the cafe should be exclusive or a high class style cafe. It means that the cafe should not be too crowded or too quite. And the cafe layout itself is in the row style concept with some places between each row and tables. So, you won’t feel sitting in the canteen instead.
  • A Not-In Rush Cafe – There are some cafes allow new customers to wait until the existing customers finish their drinks or foods. They use to put in the waiting list order. I don’t like this style of cafe as I will feel uncomfortable as people are waiting for me. I like the cafe that allow me to sit there with a no-time limitation and I still can re-order foods or drinks with no people are in a queue. 
  • Fast and unlimited WiFi Connection – I know that it heard so selfish. However, one of the services that offered by cafes, restaurant or even malls are a WiFi connection. This services will attract customers to engage more with their other services, such as eating, drinking or spend the time to do window shopping. And the WiFi connection should be easy to be accessed as well. 
  • A Supportive Waitress – It doesn’t mean that they have to be in your side in every second. I like the waitress that know what I am doing and be there whenever I ask for their favours with pleasure. By the example, when I was in rush in finishing my working tasks and my body was not feeling well, the waitresses in my favourite cafes help me by choosing the food or drink that can make me feel better. This is the simple favour but it helped me.
  • Some good musics – Based on my experiences, the musics are able to calm my mind and enjoy the environment. It also can change my mood. 

Why do comfort ambience create the better mood and able to make the tasks finish faster?

  • A calm feeling – It can boost the positive mood and reaction that lead to a positive ending. It’s like a relaxation. Sometimes, we just need the place that can calm the feeling and refresh our mood in between some hectic situations. 
  • To Melt the Situation – When we meet the new people, who we never meet previously, sometimes we feel akward and have no idea to break the situation. We just need the perfect ambience that can be a trigger to make a comfortable feeling to make an interesting conversation.

    In this post, I will share my experience in Angel in Us Coffee. It is a medium size of cafe in Lotte Avenue Jakarta. I never try this cafe previously as I always spent my time in JJ Royal Brasserie or Blacklisted cafe in this mall. And I thought I better try another places that have convenience ambience, especially to support me in writing blog posts.

    The first thing that made me interested to try this cafe was the environment. It has a dim light and make the ambience so comfort. The seats in this cafe are the combinations beween sofas and a cafe style of chairs. The seats layout is perfect with a medium wide distance between one seater with another. So, it will be a good place for a meeting, in terms of the private reason and a homey environment.

    The second reason was the menu. I was interested with this unique offer in the menu, which was an orange feel so good. It was a cold coffee with some layers of an orange syrup, chocolate, coffee, white milk and a slice of an orange in the top. At first, I felt so confuse with the taste of the coffee because it has some mixtures of different taste. However, I challenged myself to try this different taste of coffee and I really LOVE the taste. The taste was so unique. In my first sip, I tasted orange flavour in my tounge. After I mixed all layers, I tasted the combination flavour between a mint, chocolate, orange and a coffee. It was so creative ingredients! The coffee flavour was so strong as well. I definitely will order this coffee on my next visit.

    A coffee and a cafe are my supporting tools to get my mood back and also create the perfect moment. Do you feel the same?

    Thanks for reading.


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