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New Stuffs on June

Hi all,

On this June, I plan to change some of my makeups and a skincare. It doesn’t mean that I don’t have a loyalty to one brand. This is because I need to have different outlook on June. Personally, I like to try many skincares and makeup just to make a surprise to myself about the end result to my skin and have a better look. 

In this post, I will share to you what are the skincare and makeups that I start to use on June.

Nivea Make Up Clear – Micellar Water

Micellar water is really popular these days, especially to clean and moisturized the face skin. As I have an oily type of skin, I think Nivea Micellar Water will be the perfect choice as it is applicable for normal or oily skin. It is also able to clean my makeup, including eye makeup, while moisturizing and give the fresh feeling after cleansing. So, it’s like one single action for more than one results. 

Experience: I put the micellar water in the face cotton and start clean my makeup including eye makeup and my lipstick. It can lift the dirts straight away but I use to rub twice to make sure that my skin is 99% clean. My skin feels so fresh after cleansing without a stinging effect on my skin. It doesn’t give the glowing finish though but this can make my face skin moisturized before cleansing with cleansing oil or foam.

Foundation Maybelline Fit Me

I love this foundation so much. The ingredients are not heavy like other foundations. I feel like I use BB cream instead of a foundation. I use number 230 of Matte + Poreless type of foundation. And it gives a natural result. The texture of the foundation is not solid but it is more watery. As the packaging has no secure cover inside the main cover, you have to becareful while put the foundation out from the bottle.

Experience: I use my beauty blender to apply this foundation and just tap softly to my whole face and neck. I wait for about 2 minutes to let the foundation absorb into the skin before applying the compact powder. I feel that my pores are still be able to breath. The coverage is in a medium to high level with a natural result. It means that people won’t notice that I use the foundation. 

Maybelline Compact Powder Fit Me

I use Maybelline Fit Me compact powder with the same number with foundation, which is 230 with natural buff colour of Matte+Poreless type. This powder is also not heavy at all and it is also perfect for normal to oily skin. I like the packaging because it is very organize for the powder spot and the sponge place at the bottom. So, they won’t be mixed. And the packaging design is very attractive that people will curious with the compact powder in a square box shape.

Experience: I use my powder brush to apply the compact powder. I like to use the brush instead of a sponge because it can give the natural result and it will be a long lasting makeup result. Beside that, using a brush will be more economical because I only swap the brush slighly to get the powder and applying in my face. 

I love the final result of my makeup. It is so natural like I don’t put any makeups on but it does the best coverage naturally. After looking and have a feeling at the result, I definitely continue using those three products, which are Nivea Micellar Water, Maybelline Fit Me Foundation and Maybelline Fit Me Compact Powder.

Thanks for reading.


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