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What about some Indonesian Foods?

Hi all,

I love to try any foods from various countries, such as Japan, Korea, Italy, Indonesia, India, China, and others. Because different countries have different tastes and appetite. And the cooking types are also different and varies. Every countries have its own specialties and uniqueness. And I like to try all of them.

Indonesia country itself has number of  regions and each of them has typical foods and drinks. And all of them have unique tastes that don’t owned by other regions neither countries. 3 days ago, my father and I ate in the food court in Jakarta that sell lots of Indonesian food from numbers of region, such as Java, Sumatra, Jakarta, and other regions. We love the foodcourt ambience as well because it has the Indonesian ambience in the whole area. The place also very tidy and clean. Each food stand also has some creativity in selling the foods, such as selling in a cart, small traditional stand or just a conventional stand. Overall, most of the stands deliver their own specialties with each uniqueness.

In this post, I’ll share some information about the foods that we ate.

Nasi Gudeg 

It is a gudeg food that serve with with rice and a chilli sauce. Gudeg itself is a traditional Javanese food from Yogyakarta that is located in Central Java and it is still famous until today. This food usually serve as a side dish and made from young unripe jack fruit that boiled with palm sugar and coconut milk for several hours. It has a sweet taste. Gudeg is usually packed with Krecek food. Krecek is also traditionally from Yogyakarta. It is a cattle skin spicy stew dish. Both Gudeg and Krecek have a very unique taste and they have the traditional seasoning. The Indonesian food usually have their own charm.

Lontong Cap Go Meh

I really love this food. It is a tradionally Javanesse cuisine. Some people have this for their breakfast, but for me it is for my lunch. The main dish for this cuisine is lontong (or rice cake), which serve with rich flavour side dishes like opor ayam (chicken with a coconut milk), hot and spicy liver, boiled pindang egg, koya powder that made from soy, and beef floss on the top. The taste is so deep with full of seasoning. 

Hot Cappuccino 

As usual, I always finish my dishes with a cup of hot cappuccino. The taste is like the original cappuccino that I used to order. 

Indonesian foods are always full of taste with a deep taste of seasoning. It makes each of food has a different charm. You should try that.

Thanks for reading.

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