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My Lip Colour on July

Hi all,

Now, I am back with my review about the lip colour that I will use on this July. On the previous months, I keep changing my lip colours based on day or night use. On July, I want to have the same theme colour of my lips for the whole July, which is nude colour with natural shades. Why do I chose that colour? I just want to be natural in colour with a semi pale face tone effect. The light colour will also help us to express younger outlook if comparing with brighter colours. 

Last week, I searched the nude matte lipstick and I found 4 colours, including the lip liner. 

What are they?

Maybelline Lip Gradation 

I use a soft chocolate colour with the code of Mauve1. I like this colour. It is so natural, especially if it applied in the pale skin tone. The colour will be looked naturally ellegant. However, if it is applied in the dark skin like me, the colour doesn’t come out as being shown in picture or as it is applied in the back of the hand. I still keep using this lipstick though, because it is able to moisturize my lip and won’t make my lip dry eventhough it is a matte lipstick. The colour is still ellegant and it can set the lipstick stay for hours without being wear off.

In terms of the packaging, I like the packaging style with a stick shape and it is not heavy. In terms of the lipstick safety, I have to rotate the lipstick counterclockwise to let the lipstick come out from the package and ready to use. It means that the lipstick will be safe enough and I don’t have to be worry that the stick will be broken inside my make up pouch.

Misslyn Matte & Stay Lip Color

Honestly, this is my first time using this brand that originally comes from Germany. I got attracted with the cool colours that have been displayed in the stand as they have many lipstick categories with varies of colour. I choose number 425 with matte pink colour. Actually, this colour is the most nude colour they have. I look in the packaging cover, it also gives me the picture of the colour after application. However, when I applied this lipstick, the colour became pink to orange but still matte. In my opinion, this lipstick colour is better to be used for the night event because it became so bright after 1 hour application.

The packaging of this lipstick is in pencil form. However, just to be careful when you open the lipstick cover, it is better if you couldn’t nudge the lipstick. This lipstick is very soft in terms of the physical shape, which means that it is able to easily broken. 


It is another type of lipstick from Misslyn. It is a semi matte lipstick and it can moisturize my lips while using it. I choose number 253 that combine light chocolate, pink and beige colours. It becames a cute colour though. And it has the light ingredients too, which makes this lipstick is not heavy for daily usage.

However, this lipstick cannot be applied when I used the sticky lip balm or the heavy lipgloss. The colour won’t come out and the lipstick itself will mix up with the material contained in the lip balm. So, I just use the light lip gloss as a lip base before applying the Misslyn lipstick.

Misslyn Smooth Lip Liner

Actually, I never use the lip liner before, because I am too lazy to apply a line in around my lips before or after lipstick application. The reason why I use the lip liner today because I want to make my lip look thinner with an ellegant shape. I use number 65 with a light pink and beige colour. I was amazed with the result. It can blend well with the lipstick and come out with a perfect shape. It also has very soft texture, so I thought that this is the lipstick in the thinner shape. Haha…

July will be a month to apply the nude colour and have a natural look for me. Therefore, the nude lipstick will do for me.

Thanks for reading.


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