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How to Select a Brush?

Hi all,

In this post, I will talk about how do I select the right brush for applying the powder and a shimmer. Sometimes, I, personally, get confused about the function of each brush with different shapes. At first, I thought that all brushes can be used for all application without any specifications. Then, I continue to browse from youtube about how to use a brush spefically, but I ended up to use a brush based on my convenience in applying makeup. Actually, I bought many brushes previously and did some experiments. And I love to apply my makeup by using brush instead of using sponge.

Why do I choose brush instead of other applicator in applying any kind powder makeup?

  • It can have the natural result and make the powder is able to perfectly apply in the skin.
  • It is able to make the powder stay longer in the face skin.
  • It won’t break the powder pallete during application. 
  • It is able to make the durable for a longer period.

However, there will be some tips to use brush as a makeup applicator.

  • You have to clean the brush periodically before it gets dirty. It is better you clean the brush every month or everytime you finish the powder in a pallete. 
  • Use different brush for different makeup. Because each makeup has different ingredients and formulas. They will be sticked in the brush and mixed if you have the same brush. AsbI have a very sensitive skin, my skin will itch and irritate.
  • It is better if the brush kept in the box or in the pouch to avoid the dust stick in the brush.

There are 3 brushes that I usually use for applying powder and shimmer.

Brushes for Compact Powder Application

Flat Brush

I saw in many youtube video, this flat brush usually use for applying a foundation. As I use the beauty blender to spread the foundation in all side of my face, I use this flat brush to apply the powder. I don’t rub the brush during application, but just tap it in the face skin. The brush itself is more rigit and it will make the powder will be sticked vertically in the skin and it will look brigher and radiant. I use to bring this brush everywhere because it is compact enough and it has the cover.

Regular Brush

This regular big brush is normally use for applying powder. I use this brush at home because it is too big to put in the makeup pouch. This brush is very gentle and perfectly able to spread the powder in my skin. It will have the natural result and the application will be faster in comparing with the flat brush usage.

A Shimmer Brush

This small cute brush is for applying the shimmer. It is also very soft and a bit rigid. I like the result and the way it blends the shimmer and a powder works well in my skin. I also always put this brush in my make up pouch because it is small and has the cover to protect the brush from dirts. 

I am very addicted with the brush for the powder application because it will have the natural result and it will make my face looks glowimg. It will have an extra effort to do the touch up with brush when I am in the public toilet though. That’s why I bring the compact brush to make life easier, especially if I have to do touch up in the public places. 

Thanks for reading.


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