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Less Makeup on Weekend

Hi all,

During the weekdays, I used to apply the proper makeup for work that consist of a serum, moisturizer, foundation, concealer, shimmer or blush on, contour, eyebrows, and a lipstick. I know it is thick and heavy enough but I need to have a proper outlook for work. And on the weekend my skin need a breath with only few layers of makeup needed but but still look proper and bright enough. These few layers will let the pore breath after being covered by layers of makeup. It is a challenge for me to find the suitable skincare and makeup that have perfect coverage in a single layer application. Sometimes the claim to have a full coverage in one layer but in a fact, I still need to add more layers to get extra coverage. 

I want to review my BB cream and a loose powder that I used to apply when weekend come.

Magic Cover BB Cream – The Face Shop

I love this BB cream from the Face Shop. It claims that it is able to covers up imperfections perfectly. Based on my experience, it does! I only put a pump of BB cream and spread over the face by finger or other applicators, such us a beauty blender or a foundation brush. Just wait for about 2-3 minutes until the cream is being absorbed into the skin and ready for next applications. This BB cream can also be used as a concealer BB. I just put the cream in the spot that want to be covered and rub it gently. It also contains SPF 20 PA++. So, it can protect the skin during application.

  • Tube Size: 45 ml and it can be used for more than 6 months.
  • Texture: The BB cream texture is light enough and it is a bit solid. It can spread through in the skin by finger.
  • Result: The coverage is perfect. It can blend perfectly with the powder and come out with a natural result. This BB cream makes my skin healthy, moisturized and smooth. The pores are still breath and it won’t cause acnes for my skin. After a-6 hour application, this BB cream is still stay in my skin perfectly with no fade effect.
  • Packaging: The packaging is sturdy. It has the plactic cover to protect the pump and also to avoid the mess caused by the pump. The pump itself helps me out in setting the amount of cream that I need for each application.
  • Weekdays / Weekend Usage: Sometimes I used it on weekdays when I feel tired of wearing a heavy makeup. So, I’ll say both weekend and weekdays use.

Bare Skin Mineral Cover Powder – The Face Shop

    This powder is definitely used on the weekend only, for me. I need extra efforts in applying the loose powder if compared to the compact powder. So, it will be timely if I apply the loose powder on the weekdays. 

    The challenge that I found when applying loose powder are:

    • The loose powder will not easily blend with the foundation or BB cream, especially if it apply in the skin when the foundation / BB cream is still damp. It will have the uneven coverage result. 
    • It will need more time for applying a makeup.


    • Use powder brush instead of the sponge provided while applying the loose powder. Because, brush can make the powder spreads more even in the skin. On the other hand, the sponge will give the mark in the spot that I pat the powder in.
    • After applying the BB cream, just wait for about 2-3 minutes until the cream absorb into the skin and dry. Then, continue to apply the loose powder. It will be better if you just give the first tap slightly to all over the face skin. It will make the powder spread in all side of the face and continue for the next tap to smooth the powder and make the natural coverage.

    My review on Bare Skin Mineral Cover Powder will be listed below.

    • It contains SPF 27 PA++.
    • Packaging: The packaging is great. It has two levels, which are the level for the loose powder and another level to put the sponge in. It is divided with a tight divider to avoid the powder will spilled out. The divider hole that used to pull the powder out is designed perfectly. It means that the powder will not make any mess in the bottle.
    • Texture: The texture is very light but the colour is too bright for me. So, I need to play a trick with a BB cream.
    • Result: Based on my experience, this powder will not give my skin full coverage. It is very light coverage and I still need to do touch up every 2-3 hours.

    Those are my review on my weekeend makeup. I hope it helps.

    Thanks for reading.


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