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The Benefits of Seaweed

Hi all, 

I’m back with a sharing information about eating seaweed. I know that not all people like it and some people couldn’t eat it at all with the reason of a fishy taste. Usually, seaweed served with sushi or put it in the soup in the Japanese restaurant. But, sometimes people like to eat the dried seaweed by itself, like me as the alternative of eating chips. I can eat bunch of dried seaweed sheet with seasoning only for 1 hour. I feel unsatisfy if I eat it with sushi because it is only a few seaweed in each roll. 

Seaweed has lots of benefits for skin and our body. It can be called a healthy snack. What are the benefits?

  • It contains high levels of vitamin A & C and also calcium.
  • As the source of vitamin B-12, which is improtant for cognitive and bodily functions.
  • High in sodium
  • Low calories
  • It is very good for skin. I have noticed that everytime I eat seaweed for days, I feel that my face skin looks radiant and it seems well-maintained.

At first, I eat seaweed for a diet purpose. Because, I won’t feel guilty everytime I eat 9 packs of seaweeds. However, as time goes by, I realize that my skin became younger and radiant. Therefore, I can’t stop eating dried seaweeds for my hourly snacks.

Thanks for reading.



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