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The Perfect Place for a Me Time?

Hi all,

In this post, I will talk about the meaning of a me time that most of people might need it. It is the time spent that a person requires for relaxing, working by themselves, setting up the good mood, reducing stress, restore the energy or just to pamper yourself.  That might be my definition of a me time though. Because in my opinion, people will need to understand themselves by get out from the crowd just a few minutes or hours. And after taking the personal moment, they will be ready for another crowd. That’s just my opinion. Let’s discuss about this matter.

What is your definition of a me time? Do you need that in between your daily activities? For how long? Where do you usually take your me time?

I, personally, need a me time so much. I usually have that for about 2 hours every weekend just to comfort myself at my favorite cafes. Why do I really need the me time? I need to recall what things that I did in previous weeks and think about my next plan and actions for my further days, weeks, months or even years ahead. The convenience and comfort places to sit and relax  are really important because the ambiance will effect the concentration and relaxation. I’d like to share my version of criteria to choose the perfect for having a me time.

A place with a private atmosphere


What does it mean? It doesn’t mean a closed private place with not connection with people around. It’s really a big NO. It means that the public place that is not too crowded and have the enough space between tables. Therefore, we are still have private ambiance feeling while sitting there. The light is also one of the factors of maximizing the relaxation. The dim light or not too much light will do. As long as I still can do my activities, like reading, writing my blogs or other activities, the dim light will be perfect for me.

A healthy food and drink


It is very important factor for me even-though it might be not really important for everyone. The healthy food and drink will motivate me to get some ideas and raise a good mood, or even the best mood. A fish and chips is my favorite menu that I always order everywhere in every country. People will get bore with my menu but I love it so much. I prefer to have a fish fillet instead of the raw fish or a fish with the real fish-shape, because a fish fillet usually cooked well to the inside and the seasoning is mixed evenly. Another reason of choosing this menu is they usually served with chips. I usually eat a basket of chips for my snack during spending my me time. So, I don’t have to order another wedges or cakes for my next eating period. I also love the vegetable provided and also the tartar sauce that usually served with a fish fillet menu.

If I have this kind of dishes, I ended up with a hot tea with no sugar. It will make my stomach feels better and it also can eliminate the fish taste.

A cup of hot cappuccino


I know this is always my favorite drink every time, everywhere and in every moment. I still need a cup of this and it helps me a lot to set up the good mood and relax my mind. During my me time, I ended up with a hot cappuccino and a previous order of french fries.

This will be my definition and the criteria of my me time. Tell me yours ………

Thanks for reading.


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