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A wonderful taste of Sambal Goreng Ati Ampela

Hi all,

Some people might be curious with the meaning of the title. What kind of food is that? From which region? Does it have a good taste? A “Sambal Goreng Ati Ampela” is one most favorite Indonesian food that originated from Java. This food has a unique and very typical taste because of the condiment themselves. The condiment of fried chili sauce made from the mixture of fried onion, salt, red and green chilies, and shrimp paste. And it usually use a coconut milk as a supplementary ingredient. You can see why this food has a very typical and tradition taste, right?

What’s inside?

As I have a low blood pressure, I really need the liver that able to raise my blood pressure. And this food consists of chicken livers that are mixed with fried potato cubes and fried shrimp. All of those foods are blend with the homemade condiment and it will make the taste so special. I used to have this side dishes with a warm rice and I usually need more rices until I finish the side dishes.


What’s another side dishes needed?

As a “Sambal Goreng Ati Ampela” is very tasty, sometimes I need another side dish that has the neutral taste. It doesn’t mean that it has no taste. It still has a taste but not too strong like the previous side dishes. Sometimes, I choose a piece of potato fritters. It consists of mashed potatoes that mixed with egg, salt, sugar, grated nutmeg, celery leaves, and fried shallot. It still has a unique taste of Indonesian food and it also can neutralize the major taste previously. It is usually served in a small shape.


This is my story about the Indonesian foods that usually have the typical and unique tastes. If you have got a chance, you should taste it and tell me about it.

Thanks for reading.


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