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Beauty Routines on a weekend


Hi everyone,

For me, the weekend time is a heaven, especially to do the beauty routines. After tiring days during weekdays, facial skin need special treatments at the end of the week, which are Saturday and Sunday. I usually do the skincare treatment every Wednesday and Sunday. I choose Wednesday, because it is in the middle of the week and I want my skin still look fresh until the end of the week. And the treatment on Sunday is for welcoming Monday. Exfoliating, peeling and and put my favorite mask in my face are my special skincare routine.

In this post, I will talk about my favorite peeling and facial mask that I always use every treatment days. White Jewel Peeling and Le Marche – The Therapy from The Face Shop are my favorite stuffs that I rely my skin on. However, I use Exfoliating Facial Scrub and Purifying Mask from Palmer’s too that are applied based on the day or my skin condition.

Le Marche – The Therapy from The Face Shop


As in the box, it stated that The Therapy is a moisture-intensive mask contains rose petals to soothe and provide rich moisture to the skin. The rich and moisture-intensive mask featuring natural rose petal extract to give the skin refreshment, have the soothing effect and moisturized feel with a soft rose scent upon application.


The mask is packaged in the solid bottle that has two covers that aim to:

  • Avoid the mask spilled out of the bottle.
  • Maintain the quality of the mask in adapting with air temperatures.
  • Make the mask keep tidy after use.

There will be a small applicator that look likes a spoon to apply the mask in the facial skin. This applicator is able to make the mask spread more evenly.


The texture of the mask is like a gel with small particles within. When I apply it in my face, I feel like I put the jam instead of a mask.

How to Use

I usually put an adequate amount of mask by using the applicator thoroughly all over my face for about 10 minutes. It is better to put the amount of mask that won’t drips into my clothes. So, it will be neat and tidy enough after application. After 10 minutes of applying the mask, I rinse off with warm water and continue with cleansing oil. And my skin feel so fresh and moisturized. I use it once a week.


The mask is a bit sticky, so it is better if you apply it in the proper amount and avoid the finger touch during application.

White Jewel Peeling from the Face Shop

I really love this peeling. I use it every Wednesday and Sunday after cleansing my face with the cleansing lotion and before applying facial mask. This scrub is able to refining the skin and giving the bright effect because it contains pearl powder that can nourish the facial skin and eliminates dead skin cells.


The peeling is packaged in a 120 ml plastic tube with a strong cover that can keep the peeling of splitting out. The cover is very solid and also able to control the peeling while pulling it out.


The texture of the peeling is very gentle with a bit of jewel sparkle within. It can be felt when I rub my face with the peeling, especially while doing the massage.

How to Use

The same as the mask application, I put an adequate amount of peeling throughout all over my face and doing the massage for about 1 – 2 minutes. And to be safe, I never scrub this peeling around my eyes with reason of the sensitivity. After a 2-minutes massage, the peeling will be dried and rinse it with warm water. I feel the glowing effect after applying it and also it moisturized my skin very well.


The patience of massaging the facial skin with a circular motion will take some moment until it dry and it is one of the challenges for me. Do not scrub the skin hard and keep gentle while massaging to avoid the wounds in the skin.

The weekend is the time to rid off dead cell of the skin and have an extra treatment to moisturize the skin well. It also keep the skin healthy and shiny.

Thanks for reading.


  1. I have something like that rose mask, but it’s made by the brand Fresh (: looks the same and as you describe it- seems to be the same formula for the most part. Lovely post xoxo

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