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Why Face Toner is Important?

Hi all,

I’m back again with the review of the face toner that I currently use for my daily treatment, which is Wardah. This is the brand from Indonesia that is claimed as the Halal cosmetic. This brand has various series of treatment based on our needs. This hydrating series has the milk cleanser to be used before toner application, but I just use its toner. In doing the daily treatment for face, I always follow the complete treatment stages, including face toner application to be used after cleansing my face and before starting the serum application.

Why do I always include the toner under the skincare application?

  • The toner will remove oil in the face and reduce the pores’ size.
  • It can double clean my face to remove makeup and any creams.
  • It can help our skin to restore pH balance.
  • It also able to moisturize the facial skin as well as to give the freshness. And I feel ready to start the beauty routine.

Wardah Hydrating Toner

Even-though, this is my first bottle, I’d like to share my experience to use Wardah Hydrating Toner in this post.
What is Wardah Hydrating Toner?
This is the toner that specialize for normal to dry skin. In a 150 ml size of bottle, it contains aloe vera. It can help to remove the rest of dirt or cleanser from the facial skin. As it doesn’t contain alcohol, it can’t dry the skin and keep the skin to be healthy and being moisturized.
The Packaging
The bottle shape is very unique, which looks like a vase. This plastic bottle has a very tight cover, so I don’t have to worry that the toner will spill out when I put in my bag or in my luggage.
My Experience
I really like this toner, because it can take out the rest of my dirt from my face and give the perfect freshness feeling. It is also able to moisturize my skin automatically in the first layer of application. It gives the soft and cold feelings as well without feeling sore after use. I use to apply this toner for a daily use in my clean facial skin before applying the Signature (Day Use) and Perfecting Facial Oil from Palmer’s (Night Use). By using cotton face, I just rub my face gently and let the dirt disappear.
As long as I know, this toner is only available in Indonesia except if I want to buy through online store. But, I prefer to buy the skincare in the shop or in their booth as I like to have the consultation with the beauty consultant to have the perfect choice. This is the reason why I only use this toner when I don’t have to do traveling overseas.
Next Buy?
Definitely yes, when I am in Jakarta or in Indonesia.
As a woman, it will be hard to leave a single stage of the daily skin treatment. Because the healthy skin will be the result from the daily beauty routine. Tell me about your experience.
Thank you so much for reading.



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