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The Compact Shape for Beauty Treatment during Traveling


Hi all,

During traveling, I always bring most of my skincare products for my daily treatment. However, some people do not bring all of their treatment because there will be lots of spaces needed only for these products. There are some skincare products that I always bring every time I travel.

  • Serum – I always use this product as a makeup base before I apply the moisturizer and a night cream. So, this is a must stuff to bring.
  • Moisturizer – During traveling, I used to apply moisturizer for day and night usage to simplify the treatment. I never skip using this as my skin has to be moisturized in any kind of weather.
  • Makeup Remover (Cleansing Wipes) – I used to use the cleansing lotion for cleaning my makeup, but during traveling I prefer to use the cleansing wipes to minimize the liquid in my luggage.
  • Cleansing Foam – I can’t do cleansing without using a cleansing foam to remove my makeup. It will give the freshness in my skin and I feel my skin is perfectly clean.
  • Facial Mask – I always need a facial mask after doing the outdoor activity. Sometimes, I don’t feel I need the mask but I do facial mask regularly to keep the healthiness and brightness of my skin.

However, I know that it will be difficult if I bring them in the large package. So, I prefer to put them in the small bottle or tube that specialized for traveling.


In this post, I will do the review of the moisturizer that I always bring during traveling. It is a “White Seed – Blanclouding White Moisture Cream” from The Face Shop. I search the information about the product and it came up with the unique information. It is the moisturizing cream that uses the Clouding effect to brighter the facial skin through the cloud processing. I do not know how it works but I will share my experiences after using this product.

Product Texture: This moisturizer cream in solid white colour has an elastic texture. It can blend well with the serum, foundation and compact powder. It also do not leave the sticky effect after application.

Ingredients: It contains 7 additives, which are parabens, tar colorant, animal-sourced ingredients, mineral oil, talc, polyacrylamide, paraffin. (I get this information from the the Face Shop website)

Effect: My facial skin now is brighter. But as I use numbers of two whitening products, so I don’t have any idea which products give the brighter effect. But overall I love this cream.

Usage: I only apply a very light layer of this cream after serum application every morning. I just wait up to 1-2 minutes until the cream is being absorbed in my skin and continue with foundation application. During traveling, I use this cream as a night cream too.

Hopefully, this information helps you a lot. Thanks for reading friends.


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