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Review: Extra Virgin Minerals Liquid Foundation – The Body Shop


Hi all,

In this post, I will tell you about the liquid foundation that I want to review. Sometimes, I still need foundation before applying the compact powder to get the proper look for work. But not every day though. If I want to have a light makeup, I just apply a BB cream instead of foundation. It depends on the needs of that day and also my mood. The liquid foundation is my choice. Why? As my facial skin is so sensitive, my skin used to irritate every time I apply the cream foundation because it was too heavy for me. My skin accept the liquid form as it is more light but still give the extra coverage.

When I went to Japan, I bought the Extra Virgin Minerals liquid foundation from the Body Shop. My first impression of this product was the liquid foundation with thick liquid that can cover the imperfection of my face. And the package also looked strong with the pump to release the liquid. Then, I bought two bottles straight away!

I will share my review on this product.

What it claims?

As it stated in the website, it stated that this liquid foundation has a unique combination of pure minerals and cold- pressed extra virgin olive oil. It gives a light to medium coverage and has a dewy finish. It also contains SPF 20.


  • Pros: I love the packaging. The bottle of this 28 ml foundation is made from a thick glass. So, it is strong enough and I don’t have to worry about the packaging damage. I also like the pump. I am able to measure how much the foundation that I require without scary to push it too much. And the final cover is the top cover that made from a solid plastic. It can protect the pump to be pushed accidentally when I put in the bag.
  • Cons: As the bottle is made from a thick glass, it is heavy enough if I put in the makeup pouch or in the bag. And I don’t know how to open the bottle to take out the foundation to put in the small container.


  • Pros: The liquid foundation’s texture has a medium to high level of thickness. It is able to cover imperfection perfectly in only one layer. I used too apply this by finger as it was so easy to blend it through out my face. 
  • Cons: For me, the texture is too thick and too heavy. I felt that I wore hundreds of makeup layers. It would be better if it was being used for an event at night instead of a day usage.



I used to apply this liquid foundation after I put a serum and a moisturizer. After I set my foundation for about 1 – 2 minutes until it absorbs into my skin and I continue apply the compact powder to set up my makeup.

After Use

I was happy of using this this liquid foundation for 2 days. Because this foundation can cover my imperfection perfectly and also it gave the natural look for my every day use. However, my skin felt so heavy every time I used this foundation. As I mentioned in the above massage that I was like wearing lots of layer of makeup for a daily usage. And after applying for 2 days, my skin was irritated and I had several acne. I know that I have a super sensitive skin and I couldn’t wear a heavy makeup or event a heavy skincare. However, if your skin is not sensitive, you can try this liquid foundation.

Next Purchase

Definitely not. I prefer to use the light liquid foundation instead.

This review is based on my experiences. Do you have another story to tell about this product?

Thanks for reading.


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