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Review: Coconut Oil Hand Cream – PALMER’S


Hi everyone,

As I mentioned in my previous posts that I really in love with any kind of lotions and body spray. I love to feel fresh and smell good by spraying the body spray every 2 hours and I like my skin to keep moisturized in any weathers. That would be the reason why I never forget to bring those two in my bag. For body lotion, I always use the body lotion from PALMER’S after shower. I review this product in here. Why do I choose the after shower time for applying the lotion? It is because the lotion cream able to absorb into the skin perfectly in the damp skin and it won’t leave a sticky feeling after the application. I find it would be heavy enough if I bring this “a quite large” bottle in my bag everyday. Therefore, I always bring the hand cream every time I go. The hand cream is usually packed in smaller size. In July, I use the Coconut Oil Hand Cream from PALMER’S. I like PALMER’S brand because of the smell is very yummy and not too strong. The cream or lotion quality is very good. Those are able to moisturize my skin very well and lasted in hours.

In this post, I will review the Coconut Oil Hand Cream from PALMER’S and tell you what I feel based on my experience.


What it claim

This hand cream is able to moisture the skin for 24 hours with no parabens, no phthalates, no mineral oil, no gluten, no sulfates and no dyes. It made with a natural coconut oil (to moisturize and soften the skin deeply); monoi oil (to hydrates and pampers); sweet almond oil (to soothes and comforts skin) and also contains a vitamin E.


This 60 gram tube is made from a medium thick plastic with a strong cover that can be closed properly. The cream won’t spilled out even-though I press with the thick stuffs in my bag. Even-though, it is packaged by a medium thick of plastic, it did not heavy.


I really love the texture. It is really soft and gentle. It is able to absorb into my skin in only few moment after the application and moisturize the skin perfectly. The cream has the white color but when I look it in detail, the white color has the glowing particle. The cream also does not sticky. It is very comfort to use this lotion.


The coconut smell is very dominant but it is a very gentle smell. So, I am very confident every time I use this, even-though I am in the middle of the meeting.

After Use

I really like the effect to my skin. My hand is really moisturized for more than 8 hours but I continue my habit to apply the lotion or cream every two hour. The gentle texture does not irritate my skin.

Next Buy?

Definitely, YES. I use to buy lots of tube when I travel to Australia and those will be finished in around 6 months.

Do you have the experience on this product? Please share your story.

Thanks for reading.



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