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REVIEW – OFRA Lipstick


Lipstick is one of the makeup tools that every women rely on. Its colors are able to give lots of effect for our outlook. As an example, if we want to wear a very light makeup on our face, we better to wear a very bright color of lipstick. It will give brightness on our face with less make up. Or if we want to put a thick eyeliner, it is better to wear a nude lipstick with pale or nude color. It means that the lipstick can balance the makeup composition and still come out with a natural look.

Recently, my friend recommend me to try OFRA lipstick for the daily use. It is a long lasting liquid lipstick with matte color. Actually, the liquid lipstick has the improved pigmentation if comparing to the standard lipstick that can make the lipstick becomes a long lasting wear. When I searched from the website, OFRA cosmetics have variety of beautiful color for lipstick range. Most of colors are very natural and they can be used of daily activities. Now, I will review the OFRA lipstick that made me to try another color.


First Impression

When I see the color, I really wanted to apply it to my lips straight away. This noticeable matte color is my favorite color because it can give the natural radiance of your face but still has the elegant outlook.

What’s in it?

In every shade, it contains antioxidants and Vitamin E. The formula also provides a lightweight layer of lasting color that can make the lipstick is still stick on our lips for a long time. 


The texture is creamy and very soft. In my first application, I felt the lipstick texture is a bit lumpy and could create the uneven texture. But when I was greasing the lipstick in the second layer, the texture can be even and very tidy. In my opinion, this liquid lipstick is very good for applying in the dry lips because it can moisturize the lips perfectly. It can also can create the beautiful edge to the lips without any support from a lip liner. 


Actually, this packaging is an old version. But I like the packaging outlook. It is so simple with the solid tube and covered with a strong lit. The lipstick applicator is very soft but less rigid that make the application can run smoothly and the lipstick is able to spread in the lips perfectly.



The color is Manhattan. Actually, when I look into the color before applying, it has a semi pink color. And I though that it would be very pink when it comes to my lips. However, the color is different when I put in my lips. It is a wine color with a bit dark nuance but still natural. I like this kind of color because it can brightened the skin and also glowing.

This color can help you to maintain the look with less makeup.

Tips after the Experiences

  • After applying this liquid lipstick, it is better if you do not eat and drink for about 15 minutes to maintain the color quality in a perfect condition up to 5 hours without drinking and eating.
  • If you apply this liquid lipstick as the additional color from the current lipstick, the texture won’t be blended and clot individually. It will be better if you apply this lipstick by itself without any combination with other color.
  • In choosing the lipstick, it will have the perfect shade effect in your lipstick by match the skin tone with the lipstick color. If you have a dark skin tone, it’ll be better if a very bright color lipstick is one of the preferences. But if you have a pale skin tone, the nude color will do.

Where to Buy?

Some of the online shops sell this products with the price around U$19.90.

What Next?

I want to try the nude shade of OFRA lipstick. It has a matte beautiful color.

This is my review on OFRA lipstick. Do you have another review on this as well? Thanks for the feedback.


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