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Express Your Shape by Contouring

In everyday look, most ladies will always concern about how they can give the best shape and outlook especially in their face shape. Some of them took the surgery just to have the better shape for every single part of their face, such as nose, jaw, cheek, chin, eyes, and other parts that they want to improve. However, I prefer to contour my face instead of doing the surgery as it won’t have a side effect after the action. I put my review on contouring on my previous post that can be click in here.

What is CONTOUR?

I absorb the meaning of contouring my face is about to define, enhance, sharpened and sculpt the structure of the face by using cosmetics. There are some techniques that we have to adopt in avoiding the fake result. It might be the challenge thing to be learnt but as in each part of the face has different need and technique, we have to have a deep understanding about how to contour those parts smoothly. And also the face shape will have the different contour techniques.

What is contour products and how to use the shades?

There are various contour kits with numbers of shades that we can choose to apply in the face based our our needs and expectation for defining a face naturally. Usually, those kits have a warm or cool toned colour, which are the darker shade and the light colour. While choosing the contour products, I used to check the texture of the contour itself. I expect the texture should be blended well with my foundation/BB cream as well as with my powder. Because if the shades stand individually and less blend with other makeups, my makeup will look fake or I might look like a mannequin.



The dark and light shades of contouring have different functions and also those are applied in different parts of the face. 

Dark shades

  • Colour: It usually darker than the skin colour.
  • Position of shading: Hollow of the cheeks to give a tapered effect, on nose sides for a sharp effect, and on the temples to give a shadow for a slimming effect. 
  • The whole function for the dark shades is to give the major definition of the face. It will have the natural results if it combines with the lighter shades contour, bronzer or blush on for shading. 

Lighter shades

  • Colour: The colour usually lighter than the skin colour.
  • Position of shading:  Under the eyes as a highlighter and give the freshness effect, under the eyebrows to sharpen its shapes, the T-zone and the tip of the nose
  • The whole function  can be said as the complement of the darker shades but it might be better if we apply both shades to get the smooth and natural results. 

My experiences

Based on my experiences, I love contouring my face but I prefer not applying everyday. I switch the day with the shading as well. Why I do that? Contouring is very good in defining the facial skin but I feel like it seems not 100% natural results. The odds are still can be seen eventhough those are not very obvious. I love to contour especially if I want to have a firm face with a sharp definition on my skin. I use to apply the dark shade of contour in only few parts of my face, which are a single layer in the hollow of cheeks, jaw lines, the tip of the nose and on the temples. And I continue to apply the lighter shades under the eye and the eyebrow. Then, I blended it all with my fingers to have a natural results because the shades will blended well if applying using the skin instead of the applicator.

Make Over Contour Kit Review


As I simply use the contour kit for my daily activities, I prefer to choose the contour kit that only has two shades, which are the darker and a lighter shades. Actually, the Make Over contour kit is the first kit that I ever try and I love the texture as well as the result. However, the darker shade (a dark chocolate colour) has a strong colour, which it will be harder to blend with other makeup if I put the shade too much. Therefore,  I use to put the thin layer of the darker shade and it can be blended naturally and very easy. The colour itself is claimed to be a semi-waterproof. Based on my experiences, the colour won’t be easily fade if I splash the water.

However, the lighter colour won’t come out easily as a highlighter. Therefore, it will be great if I add another blush on or shading that has a glitter particle to brightened my under eye.

Price: around IDR 105,000 ( around U$10 per pack). I think the price is worth with the product quality. As I only contour a thin layer per usage, I can’t finish this contour kit in 6 month.

The best performance is very important for us as a woman. Do you have anything to be shared that are related with makeup or skincare application to get the great result?

Thanks for reading.


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