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Correction for the Perfection

As a woman, we tend to be perfect everyday and anytime, especially if it related with beauty and the whole performance from top to bottom. Anything we can do to hide the imperfection, such as perform surgery or use the smooth makeup techniques. As I mentioned in my previous post, I prefer to use makeup to improve my imperfection as well as to hide. A concealer is one of makeup tools that can be used as a color corrector and it applies in the skin before applying the compact powder. There are a lot of concealers the can be chosen from famous skincare or cosmetics brands. The shape are also varies, which are in a pallet form until in a stick package. Yet, it is confusing though.

What is a CONCEALER?

A concealer is a cosmetic that is purposed to cover dark circles, age spots, obvious pores and a light obvious blemishes. Beside to give the coverage, the concealer can be used to highlight some parts of the skin, such as in the line above cheeks. The texture of a concealer is thicker than the foundation and it can blend the skin imperfection into the surrounding skin tone.


It is in the form of cream, which usually contains Vitamin E that can perfectly keep the skin smooth. The cream shape usually has the smooth texture and it can be blended easily through out the skin. The result will be natural and powdery matte.

The colours and where to apply?

I prefer to have the palette form with FIVE colours within. So, I am flexible in covering the imperfection in my skin. However, each colour has different function of coverage the single imperfection in the skin. What are they?

  • Light Beige: To highlight in the eyes area. It can give the freshness around the eye areas as well as to cover the dark circle.
  • Beige: To camouflage the acne scars. However, if the scars are too obvious, I used to apply two layers of the concealer cream. Then, the acne scars will be well-disguised.
  • Light Green: To camouflage the redness skin tone.
  • Light Purple: To give the bright effect on dull skin.
  • Brownish Orange: To give the bright effect on the dark skin and also it can be used as a blush on base to strongly shape the cheek bone.


In order to have the natural blend of concealer throughout the skin, I used to apply a thin layer of it by using fingers or beauty blender. The matte finish will be gained if I apply it by finger and the glowing finish will be resulted from the beauty blender application. Therefore, both applicator will have different benefits based on your needs and expectations.

This is my simple story and tips about to get the perfection by correction. Please share about your experiences.

Thanks for reading.


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