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Enjoying the Mulan Theatre on the Weekend


One of my favorite things to do during my free time is watching theatre or performance. I love to do that to refresh my mind and also to get the relaxation. Besides meet lots of people, I am also able to enjoy the characteristics of the whole performance as well as the performers. I also love to see the stage with the detail building ornaments. Two weeks ago, I was invited to see the theatre that held by London School of Public Relations, Jakarta (LSPR). The theme of the show was Mulan. All LSPR lecturers were perform in this show. It was really entertaining because all of them acted very professional and natural. In some sceneries, they were act naturally as they were. It would give the show lively.


The show were conducted in the auditorium of LSPR campus. The size of the auditorium was big enough to accommodate more than 100 people (if I am not mistaken). Therefore, we did not feel crowded eventhough the light was off during the show. In terms of the show, I really love the stage. It was very elegant stage with a very strong elements and it also indicated strong culture as the background. It represented the Chinese atmosphere that were used as the background of the story.

The story was about Mulan, as the main character, who was desperately looking for her future partner whereas she was not feminine at all. Her parents and grandmother impose her to go to a matchmaker as an agent to find the future partner. But she was rejected by the matchmaker because she failed to had a well-behave as a lady and she made a funny disturbance with the matchmaker and the team. The next story was her father had to join the war against Chinese soldiers. She did not want her father to go to that war as he was already old and sick. Then, she ran away from home and transferred her identity to a boy and join the soldiers team to replace her father in the war. In her life, she was guarded by a dragon. It was a very cute dragon and really funny. We were laughed because of him. The dragon always accompanied Mulan during the exercise and also helped her against impolite soldiers.

The Mulan theatre delivered a bit about the history and definitely I had lots of fun during the show. This theatre also be able to create the cohesiveness among lectures as they had to do some exercises before the show and they also had to maintain their togetherness as a team during the show.

In my opinion, this kind of show should be held regularly to increase the bonding between lecturers and also students.

Thanks for reading.


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