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My Scent on August

I really love perfume or body spray, especially for a body refreshment or as a medicine to improve my mood. Why is that? In my opinion, the scent is one of the tools that have an inner connection with our soul and it will have some good effects or bad ones. I had the experiences, as the example, to spray my whole body with a strong scent for the AM time. I did the wrong thing because the perfume or body spray that have a very strong scent is suitable for a night use instead of the daytime. I felt so dizzy after spraying and it ended with the bad mood feeling. Then, I decided to use the strong scent for a night event and the fresh and a light scent for the AM use for work or other activities.

In this post, I’d like to share my favorite perfume for August. I used to have different themes of my scent every month. Why? Because I like to have different mood every month and it can also affect the mood of other people surround. In August, I want to have the fresh scent but a very light one.

What is my preferred perfume? The Green Tea Camellia from Elizabeth Arden

How is the packaging? I really love the packaging as it is in the compact shape in glass bottle. I am comfortable to bring this size of perfume in my bag for everyday use because it is not heavy as well.

How big is the size? It contains 30 ml and it is the perfect size for traveling.

How does it smell? It smells very soft but fresh. It has a light smell, which means a not-strong scent.

How long does this perfume stay in your body after spray? As it doesn’t have a strong scent, it will stay longer than a strong one. It used to stay in mine for about 3 hours.

How is the sensitivity in the skin? Usually, I feel my skin is very sensitive especially when I spray the cologne or perfume straight into the skin. This is the reason why I use body spray if I want to get my body skin refreshed and I spray the perfume in the clothes. However, the Green Tea Camellia perfume has a very light ingredients. My skin doesn’t irritate everytime I spray straight to my skin, nor feel burn as well.

What is the product limitation? I love the spray that present the strong scent, such as sweet, fruity or flower scents, as those scents will smell longer than the fresh one. And people will notice the scent everytime I spray the perfume that has the strong scent instead.

Do I ready for the next purchase? Yes. I will repurchase this perfume during my traveling to Australia.

For me, the perfume is one of the tools that can create our mood as well as other people mood. And also, it can show the respect to the people that we meet during the meeting. Therefore, I always bring the perfume or body spray ever where I go.

Thanks for reading.


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