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The Taste of Almond Crispy Cheese

Who will say no for a snack? Actually, I won’t. I am not a typical of person who eat snacks every minutes. But I do loves snacks during my hectic hours or while bloging. There are many snacks that I prefer to have, which are chips, cookies, crackers, chocolate bar, slices of seaweed, fries, and other yummy things. I know that some of them are not healthy but I used to combined them with the healthy foods during lunch and dinner. There are some pros and cons of eating snacks in my version.


  • It can increase the current productivity by adding some energy from snacks.
  • It can switch the bad mood into the good one because mind will get the wonderful distraction by doing the continuous activities instead of only doing one activity.
  • It also can increase the team bonding because most people prefer to eat snacks together instead of eating alone.


  • If you can’t do the multiple task, eating snacks while doing other things will be the bad distraction. Because you will choose the activity that is able to give you the happiness.
  • There is a potential fattening from snacks. But it can be solved by doing some exercises regularly.
  • Be careful with your teeth! Usually, snacks contains lots of sweetened ingredients that is not only give you the happy feeling but also it can leave the ingredients in your teeth behind. It also can be solve by brushing your teeth after eating.

In this post, I want to tell you about my favourite snacks. It is the Almond Crispy with the brand name or the store name Too Wisata Rasa. It is the typical snacks from Surabaya, Indonesia. Usually, people will buy this snacks when they travel to Surabaya as a gift for colleagues. However, it can also be bought from the online store. The review of Almond Crispy Cheese is described as follow.

What is it? It is the thin crackers that have very cheesy taste and it is crispy. This snacks is not heavy and the taste doesn’t make me glut. As it consists cheese, I used to feel full enough after eating 8-10 crackers.

Texture: Each slice is very thin, soft and very crack able or crispy in the mouth.

Packaging: The packaging is very strong that made from a thick cartoon. There is another packaging inside to secure the crackers. It is made from a medium thick of plastic. So, it will safe enough to deliver this cracker through courrier. The design is also elegant.

Experience: The cheese and almond ingredients are melted in my young while I have a bite. The taste will stay longer and it has a long lasting taste. I used to have Almond Crispy Cheese with a hot unsweetened black tea. The unsweetened taste won’t distract the taste that we had in the crackers previously.

Flavours: Original, Chocolate, Green Tea, Blueberry, Strawberry and Durian.

Price: IDR 55,000 (approx. U$ 5) per pack.

Next buy: Definitely yes. I love the taste so much.

Thanks for reading friends.


    • Actually, I don’t know whether this brand is available in Canada. But if it is you should try it. 😊😀


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