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Palmolive or Bath & BodyWorks

Cleanliness is one of the important factors to get the healthy life. That’s my opinion though. Therefore, all about the cleaning stuffs would be the most interesting story to tell. One of the cleaning stuffs that I love it so much is the hand sanitizer. I am very addicted to this product because sometimes I have got the sticky hand without any reasons. And I feel it will take longer time if I have to go to the sink just to wash my hands. It also able to kill bacteria. So, I feel clean after washing by hand sanitizer and got a healthy skin with less germs.

There are some benefits after using the hand sanitizer:

  • Then hand will be cleaned and sanitized. It means that it would be less germs contained in the skin.
  • I will have a safe feeling of being dirty.
  • It can be used as a perfume. Based on my experiences, after using an enough amount of the hand sanitizer, I have got a very nice smell. It won’t too strong but sweet. It will be a solution for me if I don’t want to bring lots of make up or skincare stuffs in the bag.
  • The packaging usually small enough and it is easy to put in there bag or in the pocket.

I reviewed my two favorites hand sanitizers in my previous posts, which are Palmolive and Bath & BodyWorks that can be checked in here. I love those brands but I feel different feeling after application. I will share my review on those two brands.


  • Product Descriptions: The texture of the liquid is very light and leave the freshness effect. The smell is also soft, which are not come out obviously.
  • After Use: I like the freshness effect but I don’t like the after use effect. It makes my skin dry if I put more than 4 times a day.

Bath & BodyWorks

  • Product Descriptions: This is my favorite brand ever. The texture of hand sanitizer is more solid than Palmolive but it absorbed into the skin perfectly. The scent comes out perfectly and lasting.
  • After Use: The freshness effect also can be gained from this brand and also the freshness. It won’t make my skin dry at all! The moisturizer works so well and I don’t need to put the hand cream or body lotion after using the hand sanitizer. I used to put in my neck and my whole hand too. And I use it as a perfume. It such a multifunction brand.

Which one do I prefer to use?

Definitely I choose the Bath & BodyWorks. I still use the Palmolive one but I will keep depend on the Bath & BodyWorks.

Tell me yours! Thanks for reading.


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