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What should I say about Coconut Oil Hand Cream from Palmer’s?

I had review this brand previously as you check in this link. I love this brand actually. But I feel something different when I apply this hand lotion compare to the Vaseline body lotion that I also review it in here. I use to bring the Coconut Oil hand cream from Palmer’s everyday as I love to apply it every 2 hours at work. I need the lotion to protect my skin from dryness because of the air conditioner in my room. I just feel my skin is being moisturized regularly and healthy.

After I used this hand cream for about a month, I feel my skin is moisturized well but it absorb into my skin very quickly. I can’t feel the oily effect after apply it. So I just feel my skin is moisturized from inside without any oily effect and sticky. Personally, I prefer to apply the Vaseline body lotion for moisturized the body skin. But, for regular application, especially in outdoor, this hand cream works well.

My tips for using the Coconut Oil from Palmer’s:

  • Do not expect too much for the result of the lotion. It has the perfect result but you won’t feel that you just put the lotion on.
  • Apply every 2-3 hours for regularly maintain the skin health.
  • It is better if it just applied the palm instead of the whole hand. Because the texture is quite thick for applying in the wide area.
  • Just apply the body lotion to the whole body skin after shower and continue to apply the hand cream as the touch up moisturizer.

It is very important to keep the skin healthy during the day. It is not just maintain it after shower but it should do regularly. Body lotion and a hand lotion/cream is very important. Please share your thought.

Thanks for reading.

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