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The Best Spot in Rinku Town, Osaka

It’s another my favorite photos when I traveled to Rinku Town in Osaka, Japan. It is a small town but I love the environment as it was not too crowded. The location is near the Kansai International Airpot, Osaka. It just across the big bridge that connect Kansai and Rinku Town. It takes around 45 minutes by bus. I took the free of charge bus that existed in the airport, but don’t forget about the ‘on-time’ schedule. In Japan, everything is about the schedule. If you are late only 1 second, it means that you are late forever.

The scenery of Rinku Town is one of the reason why we choose this town on our first day arrival in Osaka. The air is still clean and we still can see the mountains. Another reason is the Rinku Premium Outlets. This is heaven for us! It is a factory outlets’ complex of famous brands around the world. The complex is very tidy and organized and it also can be reached easily from the Kansai Airport Washington Hotel. It took 30 minutes by walk from the hotel. It doesn’t far enough as we were able to see the view surround and also the stores in all the way we walked through.

These are some photos in Rinku Town that I love the most.

A view from Kansai Airport Washington Hotel

I really love the sight from the hotel’s window. The sky is so clean and we could see the mountain clearly without any pollution distraction. There were some blocks of houses and car parks. It was like a housing complex with the nature scenery. It felt so calm, peaceful and also healthy.

The pathway goes through the Rinku Premium Outlets

The stores in the sides of pathway

The most convenience pathway that I ever felt. We could across the main road by bridge and we could do the window shopping as well. The pathway was very clean and safe enough, especially for women. We started our walk at 8 AM and of course enjoying our walk. We were able to see the tidy traffic without a traffic jam. It was so stress relief for me as I use to face traffic jam everyday in Jakarta.

Benches in the pathway

There were also many benches and playground. So, we could have some rests during our walk and it would give the rests for parents as well to let their children play in the playground. The town layout is very organized and enjoyable for all residences and visitors.

Rinku Premium Outlets

Finally, we arrived in the Rinku Premium Outlets. It is a big complex with a clear signage. However, we didn’t notice that it is the entrance of the outlets because there are many shops that offer cheap prices before the outlets. Therefore, I can say the outlets were only in one complex but the happiness in the whole Rinku Town.

A way to Rinku Premium Outlet

A way to a playground

I know that I love Japan so much. It has the best scenery and environment with polite residences. The products are also cheap if you know about the best place to visit.

Thanks for reading.

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