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My Travel Itinerary (Osaka, Japan)


Traveling is one of the sources to boost my energy and also as a mood renewal. I love to do traveling every year to the same countries or different countries for the purpose of resting and exploring the new thing. Osaka, Japan was the city that I visited few years ago but this city still leave the positive impression in my mind and I want to share about it in this post as well as the itinerary.

In the pre-traveling period, I used to make the travel itinerary as my guidance to avoid the unorganized visits or over expenses during traveling. The other reason was by preparing the itinerary, it means that I searched about the history or the story behind about the places that I planned to visits in details. Therefore, I already had the information and a big picture in my mind before visiting the places. And I love the feeling. I felt my visits would be more memorable and engaged me more. However, some people create many types of travel itinerary based on their habit and needs.

What about my travel itinerary’s style?

I made it in the excel format to make easier in calculating the required expenses during traveling and also to control them. It contains several important points as follow:

Now, it is time to share my travel itinerary during my journey to Osaka, Japan. Please enjoy.

Day 1

Day 2

Universal Studio

These are some photos of my visit in Universal Studios Japan:

The atmosphere in Universal Studios Japan during a parade

Cute rides for kids

Harry Potter Complex

Alnwick Castle

Dino Zone

Day 3

Osaka Castle or Osakajo

A Way to Osaka Castle

Osaka Castle Area

A Beautiful View from Osaka Castle

Osaka Castle

The above pictures are the eating area in Osaka Castle. The foods and beverages were varies and the stands were also creative and attractive.

The Building in the Osaka Castle Area

Namba Area

This place is a must place to visit. It is the gathering place for young adults and also adults. The area was so crowded but the shops and restaurants were varies. Because of the area size was very big, so you have to remember the way you walked through. There were also many iconic places that tourist used to take some photos.


Namba Area in the Afternoon

Namba Area’s Environment

Crowded in Namba Area

Many Restaurants and Shops in Namba Area

Me with Glico Billboard

Me Still with Glico Machine

Day 4

Go to Airport (Go back to Indonesia)

Besides those stated expenses, we had to spend another expenses:

*Note: The costs and currency might be different due to the time. You better check the update ones.

I hope this itinerary will help you in planing your holiday. Thanks for reading. See you in my next post.