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Empty Bottles on July

Hi all,

I’m back with the review of empty bottles of mine on this July. I always keep the body sprays, perfumes and a toner to be consumed everyday. And it usually ran out for a moth or a bit more. I never stick to one brand, I prefer to experience with the scent and the product quality instead.

In this post, I will tell you what bottles that are already empty in my beauty corner on July and my experieces towards these products.

Wardah Hydrating Toner

My Experiences: I love using this toner. It is so light and it won’t leave my skin irritated. I usually apply it after cleansing my skin with the micellar water and a facial oil. This will be the final cleansing step before applying the serum.

The Effect: My skin feel fresh and moisturized for the whole day. It won’t leave the sticky effect and it will give the comfort feeling.

Next Purchase? Definitely, YES!

Green Tea Lavender – Elizabeth Arden

My Experiences: The scent is so solid but fresh. Previously, I prefer to spray my whole body with the body spray instead of the perfume. But, after I became addicted to this perfume, I used to do spraying before applying the perfume. The ingredients are also very light and it’s a skin friendly.

The Effect: The scent won’t stay long but I love it so much.

Next Purchase? I will repurchase this perfume when I travel to Australia.

Bath & Bodyworks – Lavender Honey

My Experiences: I used to spray this after shower and it is really fresh. The scent is not too strong but it can represent the freshness and it is acceptable enough when I am in the crowd.

The Effect: The effect would the long lasting freshness feeling in my body.

Next Purchase? Definitely YES!

Body Mist – Light Grape Flower

My Experiences: This body mist is really amazing. I bought it in Watsons and I thought it has the medium quality. But when I sray it in my body, the scent is very sweet and it’s like I put the grape fruit in my whole body.

The Effect: The scent will stay very long and you never forget that you are wearing the body mist since in the morning.

Next Purchase? Of course, YES.

I am very addicted with those stuffs and I will continue buy them whether it is in the same brand or other brand.

Thanks for reading.

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