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Hangout Time in Fat Bubble

The comfort place is one of the medicines to calming and give extra energy for next activities. Some people do their rest during weekend or on the weekdays instead. I prefer to boost my energy on my weekend though. Why? Because, there won’t be a time limit on Friday and Saturday. So, I am able to spending my time to do anything I like from morning until late at night.

One of the thing that I love to do during weekend is spending the time in the cafe or restaurants to have a me time, to do blogging, give some rewards for myself, such as having my favorite foods and beverages or try new places, or just have the relax time with my father and my friends. The places can be varied. Sometimes, I go to the same places every week or try another cute places.

In the last weekend, I spent my time in the same cafes as those are my favorite places to hangout. However, I decided to search another comfort places that is not located in the mall. This weekend, my friends and I tried Fat Bubble in Tebet area, Jakarta. It is the medium size of cafe and it has two floors. The casual style with colors combination create the comfort for their visitors, who were mostly young people until early 40s.

Thanks to my friend who recommended this place for our meet up last weekend.

The environment was very enjoyable with the comfort of interior layout. There were lots of sofas and chairs but they were very organized and it won’t make us feel crowded. The spaces between group of chairs were wide enough. So, people were still walk through in between without feel narrowness. As I could see that most of the visitors were having their good time with their friends while having snacks and drinks and some people had their meeting in sofas areas.

Honestly, this place will be one of my alternatives to do blogging in my next visit.

Foods and Beverages

Besides the environment, foods and drinks will be another factors in choosing the cafes or restaurant to be spent for hours. In Fat Bubble, the foods and drinks that they offered are varied and unique. They keep using color as an attractive theme in foods and drinks. Taro Latte was my first order when I arrived there. Why did I choose this drink? Because of the color! When I searched in thr menu book, there were many drinks that owned their creativity differently and they were shown by the ingredients and the colors. Then, I saw the hot drinks in purple and it was so attractive, which is Taro Latte. At first, I didn’t have any ideas about this drink and I thought that it contains coffee as it was named a latte. I was wrong. This drink didn’t contain coffee at all and it was a healthy drink instead. It served in the small cup like a coffee portion and it is a hot drink.

Let’s talk about Taro. What is Taro? It is the underground tuber section of a plant and it has tons of nutrients, which are potassium, fiber and Vitamin E. When it is served a Taro Latte, the taste is sweet and it doesn’t taste too milky. So, this drink is not only has an attractive color but it has the healthy ingredients for our body.

My second order for drink was a hot Jasmine tea. This was taste like regular tea but I like the taste of a black tea. It could reduce the after taste feeling after eating the heavy meal and it also could eliminate satiety. In order to have the real taste of a black tea, I never drink it with sugar. So, I drink in plain and I feel very fresh after drink it eventhough I drink the hot version. The colour of the tea was very clear and fresh.

The foods that they offered were also varies. We can choose from the unique snacks, thr heavy snacks until the heavy meals. The performances were very creative and attractive. Actually, I needed the heavy snack instead of the light one. I choose to had Spicy Crispy Chicken for my supper. The first reason why I choose this food was it served in a cute package of a small basket with 3 sticks for eating. The other reason was the food was easy to bite and it’s gonna be faster enough to suport you when you are in a rush. The cooked fried chicken were sliced in small sizes and it was welcoming the seasoning absorb well into the chicken. The fried chicken were cover by flour and it made this food very crispy.

There were so crispy and the seasoning absorb well to inside of the chicken. The chilli powder was poured in the first layer of the fried chicken. However, the flour would be hard after 1 hour and the taste would be less tasty. Overall, this snack is recommended if you eat straight away.

A Pizza Pan was the last food that we ordered. It was the medium size with serves of 7. This pizza was contain less cheese and it taste really tasty instead of having acheesy taste. The thickness of the pizza was on a medium level. I think this was the perfect portion for 5 people. We used this pizza pan as the birthday cake for a friend that has her birthday few months ago.

We can get the peaceful feeling as well as the comfort zone in the place that give you the privacy. It doesn’t mean that the place should be quite though. It can be the crowded place but it had the chemistry on. The other factors would be the delicious foods and drinks that can give the happiness.

Thanks for reading.

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